I have not been able to keep up with my gpEasy tutorials, themes, and the development of gpEasy. . . due to life. The "Shades of" theme was never finished and therefore not released. Possibly I'll get back to gpEasy this winter. Until then consider my work outdated and unusable.

gpEasy Themes

I haven't been able to develop themes as I would like and I probably won't any tiime soon. Instead of removing this page I'm leaving it up because it's tied in pretty well to the entire gpEasy area. Nontheless, make sure and check out the official gpEasy CMS themes page.

About The Themes

In general I test my themes against the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. I don't use IE very often and therefore don't do a lot of testing with it. So there are no guarantees how my themes work with IE. If you find a bug just send me an email, please try to find a fix if possible. Thanks.




Coming soon. . . will be released after gpEasy 2.2 is released.

This is the theme I use here and on a couple other sites (Acupuncture Centennial & Highlands Ranch Pet Sitter). It started off years ago in WordPress and I've hacked it to bits over the years. Can't even remember what the original themes was. I finally decided to clean it up and release it to the gpEasy community.

There is a fluid layout, as you see on this site, and a fixed layout that you can see in action on the above sites. The fluid layout has a fixed side panel with a fluid content area and it is fluid in IE6+. . . learned a neat trick for that to work ;)

The theme now behaves well in all browsers from IE6+ and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

I don't think screenshots are necessary for this theme, you're seeing it now. The example page shows you what different elements look like in this theme. For the most part it is done and ready to go however, it requires the latest dev build of gpEasy thus I'm holding off releasing it till gpEasy 2.2 is out. Once released I'll add more documentation on using it.



Shades of

Coming soon. . .

The "Shades of" gpEasy theme is one I've had floating around for a long time however, after gpEasy 2.0 was released and Josh (gpEasy developer) released the Two Point 0 theme I was inspired to use some ideas from it and finish this theme. Below are screenshots. You can go to the "shades of" live demo pages to see it in action and learn more about its features and browser compatibility.




This is a very simple theme I developed when first learning the different output functions for gpEasy CMS. The main purpose of this theme was to learn with it. Since it's so simple it should be easy to make modifications for any user. There are lots of color schemes, delete the ones you don't want as I'm sure you will find many of them very ugly. . . but who knows, maybe someone will like those ugly colors.

I've updated it to work with gpEasy 2.x True WYSIWYG editing.

I've added a peace of JavaScript to remove mouse-over titles on the menu since they are very redundant. If you want the mouse-over titles back just remove <script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() { $(".menu_top a").removeAttr("title"); });</script> from the template.php file.

Other than that this is a very light-weight theme and should offer very fast page loads.

Browsers Tested

  • Latest version of Chrome
  • Firefox 3.6 & 4.0
  • IE 8
  • IE 6 has minor styling issues and login page does not render properly.

Known Issues

  • CKEditor has a bug where it applies the body background color to its drop-down menus therefore, they appear black with black text with this theme. However, if you mouse over the drop-down item it will change to white background with black text. This bug has been reported to the CKEditor developers and Josh (gpEasy dev) may already have a solution in the next update.

Download cPaper Theme




gpEasy B2sq Theme by CS @True Acupuncture