How to Install gpEasy CMS

This tutorial consists of three tutorials. The first tutorial is how to install gpEasy CMS in xampp lite. The second tutorial will be how to install gpEasy CMS on a server using an FTP client, and finally I'll discuss uploading and installing gpEasy on a server that is using cPanel. Check out the gallery images at the end of the page for a more pictorial guide.

Install gpEasy in xampp lite tutorial

This tutorial follows on the heels of the how to install xampp lite tutorial. If you haven't already installed xampp lite I strongly suggest that you do. It will help with site maintenance and troubleshooting. Furthermore, this tutorial will give you the general idea of how to install gpEasy in general, regardless of the situation.

Now to install it on your server you only need to use an FTP client and upload the install you just created to your server and it will be exactly like your localhost install as long as your server supports the gpEasy requirement, of course the URL will be different. Then follow the WinSCP sync tutorial to keep your local install of gpEasy synchronized with your server installation.

Install gpEasy with an FTP client tutorial

Requirements: gpEasy need php 4.1 or higher to run correctly. Please make sure your server has this available. Secondly, gpEasy needs proper read/write user permissions  (e.g. 755). Please check to make certain that you have proper read/write user permissions on your server, most do. Now just follow the pictorial tutorial.

Installing gpEasy with cPanel

The only difference with installing gpEasy by using cPanel is your upload method. In cPanel you will use the cPanel file manager, go to the folder you want gpEasy installed and upload your gpEasy files to that folder. Then navigate to the proper URL and installation will be just as the previous two tutorials. What, that's it? Yes, there really isn't anything hard about a gpEasy install. The biggest problem you may have are restrictions your server is running or wrong file permissions and we can't help you with those.

Installation of gpEasy is designed to be dead simple. Upload the files to the proper directory and navigate your browser to the proper URL and installation starts automatically. There's no database to worry about and there's only a few main folders and a couple other files to uploading. . . easy.

Now head on back to the gpEasy CMS Tutorials to learn more about using gpEasy CMS.


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