Custom gpEasy Contact Forms

My personal contact form on this page isn't discussed here--it relies heavily on JavaScript and simply will not work without it and will not work in many versions of IE because of how it handles JavaScript. While it's very spam proof it really isn't usable unless you are going to block old version of IE from your site. Therefore, if you need a custom contact form I recommend you use Stano's Contact Form++ plugin or B.Richter's FreeMailForm plugin.

Stano's Contact Form++ Plugin

Stano created a great plugin that generates a contact form as a special page and it can be added as a section to any page. The plugin lets you edit the form fields before creating the page. This means you can add more fields which makes this a very customizable contact form.

The form gives you the option of using SMTP without authentication & SMTP with authentication. From version 2.0 and later you can also use mail() and sendmail delivery methods.

Since this is an advanced gpEasy tutorial I expect you know how to install a plugin and are probably able to handle the advanced setting of this plugin, therefore, I'm sure you will be able to get this plugin going without any problems.

The plugin uses /Special_cf as the page slug/URL. You can also use this page with file inclusion or php includeFile to place it within another page or add to an extra content area.

Editing the form is now very easy. Just hover over the admin menu plugins => Contact Form++ => Edit Contact From. This will take you to the contact form's editing page where you can customize the fields you want to use. Just click on "Settings" to expand your options for editing the contact form fields. Make sure you save the settings before leaving the page.

After you have made your changes in the "Settings," save, then click the "create new template" to generate your new template. Then click "create new smtp contact form" to make your new template live at the /Special_cf URL. That's the basics of getting this form to work.

Known Issues: The plugin still has the same problem with Validator and ckEditor, as in previous version 1.5 --documented on the 5th image uploaded for the plugin.


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