gpEasy User Permissions

The User Permissions page can be located via the main admin page or in the "Admin" menu at the top of your screen.

This is a very straight forward admin page. You have four options; details, password, delete, and new user.

New User
This options allows you to create another user, define the password, name, and privileges.

The delete options does just that. It deletes a user's account. Don't worry about pages created by that user. At this point gpEasy does not tie files to a user's account. Just make sure you don't delete the last user.

The password option allows a user to change his/her password.

The details options takes you to a page where you can define the privileges a user has within gpEasy. Notice in the image that I have un-checked "all" and only selected a few privileges. This is how easy it is to set privileges for users. Just select the ones you want for them. Most users will never need to change the "all" setting for users because they are most likely the only user.

That's it. Got to the gpEasy tutorials to learn more about using gpEasy CMS.


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