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As of gpEasy 2.0 the "Title Options" menu has been deprecated. The items are now included within the floating menu in different areas. The functions are still available though some have slightly different names. Nonetheless you can read through this tutorial quickly to familiarize youself with these basic functions and compare them to the new floating menu in gpEasy 2.0.

Title Options Tutorial for gpEasy 1.7 and earlier

The Title Options menu is located at the top of your screen to the right of the "frequently used" menu. This menu will have different options depending on the page you are viewing. Notice when you hover over this menu it brings up the left side menu. The left side menu lists all "extra areas" that are currently being used for the page/theme you are currently viewing. Click any one of them in the side menu to edit it.

Browse through the images below to familiarize yourself with the Title Options menu.

Menu Options

The Title Options menu always has the "edit layout" option available. This option allows you to edit the layout of a particular theme. When you click the "edit layouts" menu option from the Title Options menu you will edit the layout of the theme that is active for the page you are currently viewing; therefore, any admin page will result in editing the layout of the default theme, and any page that has a uniquely defined theme will result in that theme being edited when this option is clicked. Just be careful when using the "edit layout" option of the Title Options. Make sure you are editing the theme you want to edit and not a different one. Remember you can always edit a layout by going to the "layouts" page found under the Admin menu.

Options for active pages

When you are viewing a non-admin page you will see two additional options in the Title Options menu, edit and title details.

The edit option opens the current page in the HTML editor. The HTML editor used in gpEasy is CKEditor. It is a full featured WYSIWYG HTML editor. Once opened in CKEditor you can edit the page as desired then click the save button at the bottom to save your changes, or click preview to see a preview before saving--note that preview does NOT save any changes, and if the changes are not desirable then click cancel to discard the changes. You can also refresh your browser to discard all changes and go right back the edit page in CKEditor.

Let's give it a try. Go to a page in gpEasy after you are logged in. Now go to the Title Options menu and click "edit." Make some changes to the page then refresh your browser. The changes have been discarded but you are right back to editing the page. Now makes some changes again and save this time. Now your changes have been saved and you are viewing the final product.

Now that you are viewing a page hover your mouse over the page, move it around the page content. Notice a red outline that highlights the page and has and "edit" button to the right top? Click this edit button and you will enter the HTML editor for that page just as you did previously. So, there are two easy ways to enter the HTML editor in gpEasy when viewing a page and you just did them both. The third way to edit a page/file is when you are in the file manager, hover over the file then go to options, and edit.

Title Details
The title details option brings up the same file settings you get when in the file manager hovering over a file and selecting "Rename\Details" then "More Options." This is just an easy way to get to those options when viewing a page.

The Title Options menu is handy especially for changing a page's details or the layout for a particular page/theme.

Each one of these options/activities will be covered in other tutorials. This tutorial is concerned with helping you familiarize yourself with the links in the Title Options Menu and what they do.


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