The Relation Of This Truth To The Sick


October 1862


by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


What course of argument must be used to make the masses understand this truth by which I correct the errors that make man sick? What relation has this truth to any one and how does it stand to the sick? It is the sick man's friend, and those who can understand it are related to those who do not understand as a teacher who wishes to make his pupil understand the principles of mathematics. He is not to teach mathematics but to explain what the rules mean, so the pupil is not to copy a mathematical work because that gives him no wisdom in regard to the truth; the disciple is not to be above the science, nor the teacher above the truth, but the latter is to explain the science by the words of the truth.

To illustrate, I stand to this Science as the teacher or expounder of it, not as the Truth itself. So when the Truth says through me that all disease is in the mind, you want me to explain what it means. You ask the question because you do not understand what is meant by the mind. It is this: all opinion, belief, reason and everything that can be changed originating in man-all these are included in the word mind. Thought is a seed or an effect of this great ocean of mind. The word mind covers all man's reasoning as the word wood covers all vegetable substances. A chair is made of wood but it is an idea made out of wood. In the same way mind is the material and disease is a manufacture made of the material, but the wisdom that forms the idea is called something else.

Here you see that mind embraces every part of man but his wisdom, and here is the distinction which the world makes only in a different sense. The world calls the parts mind and matter. I call them wisdom and matter. Therefore when I use "mind," I use it as matter containing no intelligence, but it is like sound connected with something to which we attach intelligence.

P. P. Quimby

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