gpEasy's HTML Editor (CKEditor)

Note for gpEasy 2.x. CKEditor now has a floating window. Otherwise the info here is generally the same. When editing extra content files you will see the CKEditor as it appears in these screenshots however, when editiong an Editable Text section of a page you will have a floating toolbar and true inline WYSIWYG editing.

This is a simple gpEasy Tutorial to familiarize you with the WYSIWYG HTML editor used in gpEasy CMS, CKEditor.

What's WYSIWYG? It an abbreviation for, what you see is what you get. In other words, it's a visual editor that displays the final look of a page instead of the code; however, CKEditor can also display the source code.

What's an HTML editor? Simply put it's a software application specifically designed for creating and editing web pages and working with HTML code. While you can use a text editor to edit HTML code a HTML editor can make it much easier especially for the novice HTML coder. What's CKEditor? It's a full featured open source WYSIWYG HTML editor plugin that gpEasy uses as its HTML editor. You don't really need to know much more about it than that. Most users will just use the HTML editor in gpEasy CMS as is; however, a few of us will want to customize it. For those that do, you can checkout my CKEditor tips page. Also on that page are some general tips for working in CKEditor that all users ought to familiarize themselves with.

This CKEditor tutorial is concerned with familiarizing you with CKEditor's toolbar buttons. Many of the toolbar buttons will be familiar to all who have used any type of word processor such as, bold, italic, justify, etc. Therefore, this will not be an exhaustive explanation of all features but a general guide pointing out the more unique features and dialogs you will find in CKEditor. This tutorial will not explain what the different HTML fields do. To learn about HTML coding please do a Google search as there are thousands of HTML & CSS tutorials on the net.

Once again this is a pictorial tutorial, enjoy.

CKEditor Tutorial


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