Style gpEasy Admin Links

What are the admin links? They are the links, usually in the footer, that are output by the gpOutput::GetAdminLink(); function, one of the three mandatory output functions for all gpEasy themes. This function outputs the site map, login and logout links. Along with those links I'll also give you the information needed to style the "powered by gpEasy CMS" link as well as the "Site Info" and XML site map links found on the site map page.

Site Map Links

Site Map
The site map link styling is .sitemap_link. The class sitemap_link will usually do the trick in styling that link however, depending on your theme's design you may need to include the class or id that wraps the GetAdminLink function. You will find that information in your theme's template.php file.

My preference for styling the .sitemap_link is to not display it at all: .sitemap_link {display:none;}. It still shows in the code and is crawled by the search engines but isn't displayed on the web page. There is no good reason to do this other than aesthetics or controlling access to your site's pages via your own layout.

Site Map XML Link
In gpEasy 1.7 a XML site map has been introduced. This is primarily for search engines and has no benefit to visitors. The styling class for it is .sitemap_xml. This is another link I hide: div.sitemap_xml {display:none;}. There just isn't a good reason to show it. The display:none; doesn't remove the link from the code or hide it from search engines. Just look at the page's code, it's still there.

Site Info
At the bottom of your site map you will see the heading "Site Info" followed by a "Powered by gpEasy CMS" link and links to any plugins you have installed. The styling for this area is .siteinfo. The heading is a H3 heading. Once again this is a link I just hide: div.siteinfo {display:none;}. This is one of those things where you might want to show it so visitors pick up on gpEasy CMS; however, since a large chunk of my site is already dedicated to gpEasy I just hide them to clean up the overall look.

That takes care of all the site map links.

Login & Logout Links

The login & logout links are also generated by the GetAdminLinks function. The styling for it is .login_link and like the site map link you may need to add the id or class that wraps it to style it properly. This is not a link you want to hide. You really need to have access to this link to work with gpEasy CMS properly. If you look at my footer here on you won't see the link, but it's there. I've just styled it to be the same color as the footer background except on hover. That way it blends in and isn't distracting and I still have easy access to it.

Powered by gpEasy CMS Link

The powered by gpEasy CMS link is styled by .powered_by_link however, you can hide this link in your configuration settings though I think you really should have it set to "show" in the configuration settings even if you want to hide it with styling: .powered_by_link {display:none;}

To Hide or Show Links

With any content management system and/or themes the developers almost always desire to display some links. They want to do this primarily for two reasons. First, it's advertisement for their product. Second, it give some "link juice" to their site for better search engine rankings. After all what site should come up first for gpEasy other than

The question users have is, should I show it, delete it, or hide it? After all it's your site and you don't necessarily want to be advertising for everyone. . . especially on professional sites. Well, you can still benefit the developers and not cause aesthetics issues with your site very easily by just setting the styling to display:none; or visibility:hidden; for those elements that don't really fit with your site. By coding it that way the developers at least get the link juice from the search engines even if they don't get the recognition from your site.

The other issue users often have about displaying such links is, but won't having all those "site wide" links cause me to "bleed link juice" and lower my rankings with the search engines? In other words, some search engine optimization experts have made claims to the fact that outbound site wide links, links that show up on every page of a web site point to another web site, can and do cause devaluation by the search engines. I've seen no proof of this whatsoever, and the reality is Google doesn't rank sites. They rank pages. Therefore, the search engines only care about the one page relative to other pages not necessarily your site as a whole, and it has been my experience and many other SEO experts attest to this as well, that outbound links to good sites often help your site's rankings. In other words, links to "good" sites is a good thing.

However, if you delete the links in some way then they definitely won't show on your site at all but you are kind of giving the finger to the developers whose products you are freely using. I strongly believe in giving at least a little back. You shouldn't have to "ugly up your site" with what amounts to advertisement links but you ought to give some link love to the developers. . . at least that's my opinion.

So, I've given you the classes to style the admin links plus a few others and showed you how to easily hide them. Therefore, there's no need be removing any links by developers that point back to their work.

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