Radial Pulse Diagnosis

Understanding the radial pulses is very important in True Acupuncture. Without the proper use of pulse diagnosis we have NO immediate physiological feedback system. We are then left to evaluate our treatment through subjective findings only. No health care modality can rely totally on subjective feedback and claim to be scientific and to NOT work by placebo alone.

Placebo has shown effects in every area of health. This is easily understood by those who understand the nature of the mind. For this reason we must have a tool that gives us direct and immediate feedback. The radial pulses do exactly that! The more accurate we are in diagnosis with the radial pulses the more precise we can be in understanding the nature of acupuncture. We can never hope to truly understand acupuncture via pulse qualities and symptomatology only. We must have and must use something that shows clearly the immediate effects of the treatment. The only thing we know of currently that does that are the radial pulses.

Yes, other pulses throughout the body also respond to treatment however, the radial pulses give the clearest and easiest to read findings. We cannot however, prove beyond any shadow of doubt that a given area of the radial pulses reflects in only one system and to name that system. We have this information passed down to us and Morant researched it in-depth however, it seems an impossibility to conclude that the lung pulse position is that of the lungs and only the lungs. What we can say is that, the lung pulse position responds in specific ways to certain acupuncture points throughout the body but to say, it reflects the lungs specifically and only the lungs is a very large assumption based on subjective findings that cannot be proven with 100% reliability and consistency.

Therefore, when we look at the pulses we will always be looking at them in relation to all other pulses and will not conclude that a pulse position absolutely reflects a specific system, rather that the imbalances in the pulses lead us to certain treatments that respond in bringing a homeostatic re-balancing to the pulses. In other words, we resort the balance of yin and yang through the observations of the radial pulses. Then based on clinical experience we can make certain assumptions however, we will not state these assumptions to be fact. They are theories that may never be provable but may consistently reflect in clinical reality. This is the nature of medicine in general. No medical modality can prove everything about it's theories however, acupuncture can prove that it consistently responds physiologically 100% of the time via the radial pulses.

It is only through proper pulse diagnosis that we can find the true root to pathology and treat the root via acupuncture. This CANNOT be done with symptomatology and pulse qualities. It can only be done through an in-depth understanding of the energetic relationships of the systems and how they reflect in the pulses and how those pulses are modified via acupuncture points. If you do not understand all of this you cannot and will not be able to treat the root of anything. You will blindly needle your patients hoping for change. In other words, you will rely on placebo as your treatment modality and not acupuncture.

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