gpEasy vTip Tool Tip Plugin

These are a group of plugins that style the title attribute of anchors. They are very easy to use. Just add them to a layout and you are done.

Currently I have black, white, red, and blue colors. If you would like other colors to be added just modify the style sheet and send me a copy. Or better yet, just create a new plugin with your style and add it to gpEasy's plugins.

There are two ways to trigger the gadget/plugin. One utilizes the class="vtip" to trigger the tool tip while the other will automatically add the tool tip to any anchor (link) element with a title attribute; therefore, when you add the gadget to a layout all link titles will be styled with the vTip tool tip style, and if there is a title that is not a link just add the class="vtip" to that element to have it styled with the vTip tool tip.

Demos: regular, html, image.

Self Hiding
This gadget is self hiding via css. The gadget is only visible on the layout pages when logged in. You will not see it once it is installed except when editing layouts. You can place it anywhere on the page as the css & JavaScript load via the combine css & JS thus, it's in the head no matter where it shows up on the page. I now place it last on the sidebar.



This gpEasy CMS plugin was developed from the jQuery vTip plugin. Please visit their page for more information about the jQuery vTip plugin.


Download: vTip Black, vTip Blue, vTip Red, vTip White.






Known Issues

With other JS
Plugins that automatically add tool tips to all anchor title attributes via JavaScript can conflict with other JavaScript tools that utilize links. In such cases it has been noticed that the order of the gadgets is important. This gadget may need to come before another or after. Such a case is when using the gpEasy Cycle Slideshow plugin with next/previous links. In this particular case the vTip plugin needs to come before the Cycle Slideshow plugin. If you find yourself with such a conflict just move the gadgets order around and see if that solves the problem.

HTML In Title
vTip is not compatible with title attributes that contain HTML. Most users will never use HTML in the title attribute however, in gpEasy some users may use HTML in Colorbox's captions. Since Colorbox's caption is the title attribute vTip will break those titles on hover. If this is the situation for you it is best to use the vTip Class plugins for the layouts you will be using Colorbox with. You can then style all other sections with the class vTip and exclude gallery images. The gadget now works with HTML in the title attribute.

Displays differently in IE
This really is not a bug or issue as much as it is that IE lacks the support for the css to display the tool tip with all the styles the other browsers can. Therefore, certain stylings have been adjusted to make it look as good as possible for IE. . . but it still looks poor compared to Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

One gadget per layout
As is the case with all gpEasy gadgets, you can only apply one gadget per layout. Adding multiple gadgets of the same plugin to a layout will most likely cause an error. This can often be caused by themes that use the get all gadgets output function. Check via "edit layouts" to make sure that you only have one version of the gadget per layout. Note that gpEasy 2.2 solves this issue.



If you believe there is a bug please contact me with specifics. It has been tested with the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE6+


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