gpEasy IE Redirect Plugin

I had no intention of releasing this plugin because I'm sure there will be many that say I should not do such a thing; however, there are perfectly valid reasons to redirect internet explorer.

This plugin adds a gadget that you can add to any layout. Any layout that has the gadget applied to it will redirect IE to a page named "Browser_Redirect." You must create this page in your gpEasy installation. If you want you can always copy mine. Of course if you want to modify the gadget to redirect to a different page that's easy enough to do.

Currently the gadget will redirect all versions of IE lower than IE9. Of course you can change this in the gadget easily. Just open the gadget php file in the plugin and change the code: "if lt IE 9"

Just choose the highest version number of IE you want to allow to your site.

I recommend redirecting old versions of IE or at the very least displaying a conditional statement for older IE versions asking visitors to upgrade their browser. The fact that so many visitors are using web browsers that are 5+ years old doesn't help the growth of the web and makes web development a pain for all, and as web developers & designers we can help everyone by educating the public to upgrade to modern browsers. If we make it common practice to nudge visitors to upgrade their browser it will soon become common practice for all visitors to use the latest version of their preferred browser.

You should know how to install a plugin at this point, and I won't go much further into this plugin. It's rather straight forward as it just uses a conditional statement for IE.



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