Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Mrs Wayne



Portland, March 21st, 1860

To Mrs. Wayne

Dear Madam:

Yours of the 19th is received, and I was very glad to hear I succeeded so well. But I was not disappointed, for I felt sure I could raise you up. I will say a word or two to you, Mrs. W. I was with you every little while after I first wrote you, till the time I named, and then it seemed as though you were up, so I left you. Now I shall drop in and see you often, so you may not be surprised to feel my influence.

Were there any others at your house when you first got up? If so, let me know how long you had been sick, and how long since you walked. I shall be very glad. I think I shall make a statement to the facts of your case. It is so remarkable that it ought to be published for the benefit of the sick.

Yours, etc.



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