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Letter To Mrs Robinson




To Mrs. Robinson


Pardon me for addressing you on a subject in which, as a stranger, I have no personal interest. Mrs. Green, your mother, having been under my charge as an invalid, has frequently spoken of you and your husband, connected with some trouble, which I never asked her to explain. But from what little I gathered, from some spiritual communications she had from a lady, if she may be so-called, I felt as though there must be something wrong. This medium was one, if I understood her right, whom she consulted for her health. In the interview, the idea of the dead would come up, and as is usual in this mode of practice, her husband came forward to give some ideas that might be of some benefit to the medium, not to Mrs. G.; for all these communications are to settle some difficulty that neighbors get up.

In the communication, her husband recommended me, saying I was a medium. This led her to call on me for advice. As my mode of treating disease is entirely new to the world, the spiritualists claim me as a medium. I deny this, but believe that mind acts upon mind and that it is the living and not the dead; so here is where we differ. When Mrs. G. called on me, I think Mrs. Otis was present, and I told her of some things which I did not know before, and this gave her confidence in me. Then she wished me to read some communications from her husband and something connected with you and your husband; and it seems to me that they were interested to make trouble, and I told her so; but she thought not.

I will here say that, whatever you may think of your mother, she is sincere in her motives, but is, I think, misled by some spirits that have flesh and blood, who have some motive for acting. She thinks your husband has a power over you, to make you do just as he chooses. This is her honest belief, and that contemptible woman holds out the idea that she can, through the spirits, bring everything straight. As she has confidence in me, she wishes me to influence you not to be controlled by your husband. And I told her that I felt as there must be some misunderstanding and advised her to go to your place and have a fair explanation of all this trouble. For I believe the medium knew what she wrote, as well as I do, and advised her to have no more to do with it.

But there is a combination of circumstances, showing to me that she is under some influence that is not for her happiness. So I told her I would try to bring things right, and I thought she would have a letter making everything plain. This was three months ago, and Friday, last, she called and said she had not received a letter. I noticed she felt very badly, and asked what she should do. I told her I would write to you myself, and then I could tell more about the case; for I believe it was all a piece of deception on the part of the medium; either instigated by her enemies or that she had been deceived or misled by pretended friends, and that the medium read her thoughts.

This is my reason for addressing you on a subject in which I have no interest; it is to ferret out traitors, who are busy in making trouble. I have had some experience in troubles of this kind, where the spirits of the dead are called up, and I know that this horrid belief has been the cause of breaking up families; separating man and wife and setting mother against daughter and every possible evil. I am perfectly ignorant of the charges against each other; I never asked her. I felt as though it was none of my business. But from her honest conviction of being right, I have no doubt that there have been persons who have got from stories; which, if the real truth could be known, do not contain a single word of truth. Yet they are as true to her as the very Bible she reads and takes for truth.

To show you the mind can be misled by these blind guides and deceived by these communications and their bad effects, I will relate one instance out of a dozen that I might give. I was called to see a lady, who had cut her throat; and after the deed was done, she was considered insane. Her mother and husband were with her at the time I visited her, although he had been away from her for three months, from the fact that there was trouble between them. She had become jealous of him and their children staying among the neighbors, so he left. All this was done under the full belief that it was true, and when I entered the room, her mother pointed to the husband, saying, "He is the cause of all this trouble." Then his wife commenced abusing him violently.

After hearing these stories, I said, “I see no reason for all this trouble.” The woman was insane, and must have been so for some time, and now they were all insane. I then commenced restoring the lady to her reason, and my effect upon her was such that I was obliged to hold her. Then she clung to her husband, but in the course of four or five hours, I brought her to her senses, and she fell asleep. After she awoke, she enquired for her husband. I told her he had gone out. She wished to know why she could not live with him. I said I knew of no reason. She said she had nothing against him; that he had always treated her well, etc. It may all be explained like this. She had become interested in spiritualism, and here was the result. My explanation of the phenomena reconciled them, and now they live happily together.

P. P. Quimby


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