Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Mrs H. Merrill



Portland, Feb. 14th, 1861


To Mrs. H. Merrill:

Owing to a press of business, your letter has remained unanswered, but when I receive a letter, I always feel as though I was with the patient, giving them advice. Sometimes I am in doubt whether I see or know who they are, from the fact that so many come to me when I put myself in communication with the sick. I make a sort of general visit, as I used to when you were all in my office; but if I feel certain of one, I make that one a text to preach from. So I believe that if you can make yourself known to me by your faith, I can feel you.

Since I commenced writing, you have come up before me, so that I now recall you perfectly well, and I will give my attention to you. I have often seen you and used my arguments to convince you of this great truth. When I say this truth, I mean this light that lighteth everyone that understands it.

When I first sat by you, my desire to see you lights up my mind like a lamp; and as the light expands, my senses, being attached to the light, each particle of light contains all the elements of the whole. So when the light is strong enough to see your light in your darkness, or doubts, then I come in harmony with your light and dissipate your error and bring your light out of your darkness. Then I try to associate you with matter as a substance that is separate and apart from your light, or senses.

Man, of himself, is in matter. Science is out of matter. Disease is matter; health is out of matter; so that you, i.e., science, cannot receive matter into your science; but your science can separate itself from matter. So do not try to get out of your trouble and believe in the cause, for you cannot serve God and man, or science and error. The opinion is the matter; and the aches and pains are what follows your embracing it. So to say you do not believe in disease and yet complain that you have one is like saying that you do not believe in ghosts and telling the largest ghost story, declaring it is true.

P.P. Quimby


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