Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Mrs Dingley



Portland, Jan. 13th, 1861

Mrs. Dingley:

I went to you as soon as I received your letter, but I cannot say you were aware of it. Now at the time I write this, I am working on your stomach and now and then giving you a little water, so as to start this heat in your left side that rushes up to your head.

When you receive this letter, at night after you are through your work, just sit down in a chair and take a tumbler of cold water and this letter. Read this letter once or twice very slowly, and in the meantime, take a swallow of water. When you get through, this water will cause a sensation on your stomach, and you will feel the wind moving in the stomach and bowels. This will affect your whole system and cause a sensation or perspiration, opening the pores and throwing off that heat that is confined in the pores and makes the humor.

Remember what I say. When you read this letter, I am with you, and just as long as you read this, I shall be in the letter using my wisdom to cure you.

I leave you now, so good night — 9:12 o'clock, Sunday evening,



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