Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Mrs Bosworth



Portland, Apr. 24, 1861

To Mrs. Bosworth:

Owing to my business, I have delayed writing, until now. I generally seem to see a patient when I read a letter; but sometimes I do not. This I account for on the principle that the errors obscure my sight. Light is something outside and independent of matter, which is so associated with matter, that it has become attached to it. But in its pure operation, it sees through matter in its various combinations. Common education has placed a barrier between two persons; for instance, you and myself. This barrier is matter and can be seen through by intelligence superior to it.

I will try to communicate with you; that is that part of you which sees and hears, etc., and is really independent of time and space, but which is not known by that part of us that depends on the eye to see, or the ear to hear, or through those organs to be affected and realize a sensation or fact. This I call your wisdom or senses, and they are imprisoned by the errors of common belief. This belief is yourself and acts upon your matter or body. It is under the direction of ideas or opinions of persons who never knew there was an intelligence independent of your body. You, being under their influence and finding no friend to lead you away from them, fall into the snares of their make and almost wholly believe in everything they say.

Now I wish to talk with that part that does not believe in what these friends say; be this part ever so small or well-concealed. This disinclination to receive the opinions of your friends is founded on a truth; that is, that there is not a word of truth in what they say; it is all based on guesswork. All this is mere assertion on my part and of course needs proof to substantiate it. So if I can make myself felt by you, without the common medium through which we know each other, that will show that we can act independently of that medium.

I therefore will now try to dissolve the error, mis-belief, and see if I cannot make myself felt by you. So if you hear my voice and are a little nervous, do not put a false construction on it by being frightened and closing the door of your belief, so that I cannot enter and talk with you a little upon the idea that the world has established and imprisoned your wisdom in. If I can convince you that your friends are your enemies, then you will know how to treat them. It is an old saying, “Deliver us from our friends.” These friends, Christ pictured out better than I can do, so I will use his own illustration; for he warned his disciples against them. He says, “Beware of the Scribes and Pharisees;” that is, the priests and doctors' opinions, whether they come through a physician, minister or your friend. For if any person tells you anything and gives you an opinion which, if believed, makes you worse, then beware of such whitened sepulchers or blind guides. They are wolves in sheep clothing; clouds without rain; hypocrites, prowling around to devour.

You remember what Jesus told his disciples about such a class. So when they come with long, hypocritical faces and in whining tones and say, "You look very feeble, you are not so well," etc., turn from them. These are the hypocrites that devour widows' houses; for your science is your house, and as you are all alone, you are a widow in the science of Christ or truth. Now Christ visited the widow and fatherless in their distress and told his disciples to do the same, and keep them pure and unspotted from the world or opinions. While you read this, I am with you, working in your belief or prison, till I shall tear it down and raise you up.

P. P. Quimby


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