Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Mrs Aukee



Portland, Jan. 16th, 1861

Mrs. Aukee:

I sit down by you, although much hurried, thinking that your face would grow rather long, and you would look down-hearted. It is Wednesday, 7:12, evening, so please give me your attention. I will relieve the pressure across the chest. This will relax the stomach, and you will hear these devils roar up out of your mouth. Don't cough when it starts. As I am so far away, by your unbelief, I do not know as you will feel my influence, till you receive this. If not, when you receive this letter, seat yourself at evening, take a tumbler of water, and as you read this, take a little, and you will feel my influence in you. Be about as long as when I was with you, and after you have read this, I will scratch your head, as I used to, but you won't have to comb your hair; for it is a spiritual scratch. You will feel a glow all over you. This creates a circulation, and you will clear your head easier and speak better. As you read this, remember me, and I shall be with you, till your voice comes.

Yours, etc.



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