Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Mr Pelmgro



Belfast, Jan. 10th 1857

Mr. Thomas Pelmgro

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 4th was received, and I would say in reply to your inquiry that my opinion would be for your wife to remain at home for a short time. On another case, I intend to visit Bangor in one or two weeks, and while I am at Bangor, I can take the case and come to Newport and take a private team to your house and return by the next train. This would be as long as I should wish to stop, and my expense would not be much. At any rate, I would not charge you more than two dollars above my expenses, together. If your wife should improve from that visit, she could come to Bangor or to Belfast, just as you think best. I write in this way, because I am partially engaged to go to Bangor, and if your wife was here in Belfast, it would make it very bad for her, and I would feel very bad, myself.

Now if this meets your ideas, if you will leave word at the nearest point or station where the train stops, with someone to carry me to your house, you could then carry me back to take the case, so it would not be much expense. The fare from Bangor to your place and back, you can ascertain, but if I don't go to Bangor, I will let you know; and in the meantime you can ascertain and let me know which of the two would suit your wife best - to come here or to have me visit her.

N.B. The price I charge you would have nothing to do with any other person. My charge is $3.00, but to see your wife, I would charge $2.00 over-and-above my expenses from Bangor and back.

Yours truly,

P. P. Quimby


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