Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Mr S



PORTLAND, Feb. 8th, 1861.

To Mr. S.

In answer to your letter I will try to explain the color you speak of . . . so that you will forget it. Give me your attention while I explain. You know I told you about your stooping over: this stooping is caused by excitement affecting the head. This contracts the stomach, causes an irritation, sending the heat to the head. This heat excites the glands about the nose, it runs down the throat and this is all there is about it. It will affect you sometimes when you are a little excited, and you will take it for a cold.

Remember how I explained to you about standing straight. Just put your hands on your hips, then bend forward and back.

This relaxes the muscles around the waist at the pit of the stomach. This takes away the pressure from the nerves of the stomach and allays the irritation. Now follow this and sit down and I will work upon your stomach two or three times in three or four days. It will affect your bowels and help your color. Tell your wife to sit down and give her attention and I will affect her in the same way. Please take a little water when you are sitting, say about 9 o'clock in the evening. . . .¹

P. P. Q.


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