Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Mr R.



PORTLAND, March 3rd. [1861].

To Mr. R.

When your letter was received I went to your relief, but I cannot say that I affected you. But now I will sit down and try to affect your stomach so that you will not want to smoke. I feel . . . that if you were aware of the evil influence of the enemy that is prowling around you, enticing you to smoke, you would not harbor him one moment; but hurl him from you as you would a viper that would sting you to the heart. I know that opinions are something and they are our friends or our enemies. So the opinion you have of smoking is a false one and is an enemy to you. It is subtle like the serpent that coils around you like a boa constrictor till you feel its grasp around your chest, making your heart palpitate and sending the heat to your head. Then you will struggle to rid yourself of his grasp, till overpowered you become paralyzed. He will laugh at your folly when your fear cometh. Remember that "love casteth out fear," and fear hath torment. Science is love. Fear is disease: torment is your reward. So watch lest he enter your house while you are asleep and bind your limbs, and when you awake find yourself bound hand and foot. So remember what I say to you as a friend.

P. P. Q.


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