Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Mr G. Cleanes



Portland, March 28, 1861

To Mr. G. Cleanes:

Your letter of the 25th was received, enclosing $2.00 for my advice. It is true that a person cannot afford to spend his time for nothing; but at the same time, to give the public the idea that the cures can be made by letter opens the door for deception. For the sick are, of all classes, most easily humbugged, since they are honest and expect others to be the same.

A person well is not a person sick. The well have no charity for the sick, and when one gets sick, he is like a man in the hands of robbers. If he does not look out, they will rob him of all he had; for a sick man will give all he has to be saved from disease. So they are easily deceived, and as I do not intend to open a door for these robbers to enter and rob the sick, I put myself into the hands of the sick, instead of having the sick at my mercy. In the latter case, I do not know what I might be led to do. If this way has the effect I think it will, I am satisfied.

If I can get the good will of my patients, I can help them at a distance; but this is a theory of my own. From what I have done, I know that the principle is true; so upon this principle, I am going to try the theory for the benefit of mankind. If I succeed, I shall establish one thing that I wish to establish; that is that the sick shall never run any risk of losing their money by trusting to any person for a cure, either by medicine, or by letter, or by spiritual communication, or by any other way, unless the doctor will run the same chance.

It is what every honest person will do for a theory that he has confidence in. I therefore return your money, leaving it till I have tried my best and accomplished my object; then if you please to send it to me, I will receive it as a gift, not as a fee.

I will now sit down by you and take your feelings, as they seem to me. The gone feeling or quivering at the pit of your stomach is caused by the contraction of the stomach on the left side. This creates a heat, and as the heat spreads in the stomach, it produces a sort of numbness around the left side, near the heart. At any excitement, the heat passes on the aorta, causing the heart to flutter and beat hard. This goes to your head and causes a dull, heavy feeling over the eyes, like a sleepy feeling, and causes your hands to go to sleep, as though they were resting on something.

Now sir, you may not think I have told you all, but perhaps you do not recognize the feelings I have told you of; but they are so, for I know it. Now sir, disease is like a thief or robber that enters your house or mind while you are asleep or ignorant of the cause, and it uses all the means in its power to decoy the person to death. So it tempts you, by your tobacco, to give way to your feelings, in order that it may have you in its power. It is subtle, and it seems like your best friend, but it is a viper in your stomach, lying wait to poison your life, while you can't help yourself.

I feel that it is working on your system by the queer feeling in your mind, so I know that you are very nervous, and strange feelings pass through your brain when you rub your head. Sometimes you feel your heart beat, and a suffocating feeling comes over you, as though you wanted more air. Then comes the idea of heart disease or apoplexy. This is the effect of the tobacco. Then when it passes out of the stomach, it condenses into water, causing you to pass a large quantity at times; then less.

Now sir, if I am right in regard to your case, I think I can cure you. If you will let me know the effect, I will continue my visits mentally. If you see fit to show this to any person, I will say that I answer no letters, without the person first showing his confidence in me. Then if I deceive him, he is at liberty to expose me.

I will try to affect you, till I hear from you.



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