Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Miss S.



March 10th, 1861.

To Miss S.

In answering your letter I will say that I have used my best efforts to help you, and I feel as though I had [succeeded]. Now I will once more renew my promise not to forsake you in your trouble, but to hold you in the influence of this great Truth that is like the ocean. While your barque is tossed by the breeze or storms of error and superstition, while the skies are dark with error and you are moved by your cable or belief, feeling as though you may be blown on to the rocks of death, you may look to that Truth that is now beating against the errors and breaking them in pieces, scattering them to the winds and even piercing the hardest flinty hearts, grinding them into pieces. This Truth shall shine like the sun and burn up all these errors that affect the human race.

So be of good cheer and keep up your courage, and you shall see me coming on the water of your belief and saying to the waters or pain, "Be still," soothing you till the storm is over. Then when the sun or Truth shall shine, and the pure breeze from heaven spring up, slip your cable and set sail for the port of health, there to be once more in the bosom of your friends. Then I will shake hands with you and go exploring for some other barque that is out in the same gale.

P. P. Quimby


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