Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Miss L. H. Mead



Portland, Apr. 11th, 1861

To Miss L. H. Mead:

I will now sit down by you, as I used to, for I see I am with you; and talk to you a little about your weak back. You forget to sit upright, as I used to tell you. Perhaps you cannot see how I can be sitting by you in your house and, at the same time, be in Portland. I see you look up, open your eyes and hear you say, “No, I am sure I cannot; and I do not believe you can be in two places at the same time.” Now listen, and I will try to convince you that I can be here with you and, at the same time, be in Portland.

You remember when Jesus was journeying one day, he said to his disciples, “Our friend Lazarus is sick. We must go to him.” How did Jesus know that Lazarus was sick? You need not ask me if I compare myself to Jesus; that is not answering the question. The question is simply this. Do you believe that Jesus knew the fact, or did he guess at it? I hear you think, not speak, "I cannot say." No, you cannot say intelligently, for if you could, you would not doubt that I am now talking to you. But your faith is like that of Lazarus; it needs more faith, and Jesus knew it, or he would not have gone to the idea or body. Neither was Mary's nor Martha's faith enough to raise him; so he had to go or do what was the same, for they could not believe in what they could not see; therefore he had to attach his senses to what they could see, Jesus; then they could see that Jesus could raise Lazarus. Now if your faith is no stronger in P.P.Q.'s truth or Christ than Lazarus' and his sisters' was in Jesus' wisdom or Christ, then I fear your back will remain unrelieved; for I am too busy to go in bodily form. But I have faith to believe that I can make you believe, by my wisdom; so I shall try to convince you that, although I may be absent in the idea or body, yet I am present with you in the mind.

Suppose I am in Portland, and you feel and know that I am here with you, where do you and the people in Portland differ in opinion? You say, “I cannot tell.” I will tell you. The people, attaching their senses to P.P.Q., think wisdom is in him; but if you know that I am here, you attach your senses to the Christ or truth. And if you believe this, you are saved from the uncertainty of seeing me in the body; that I may tell you what I am now saying. While I have been sitting and talking, I have been trying to affect you, and I feel as though you would be better. Hoping this will be so, I leave.

P. P. Quimby


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