Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Miss Elizabeth Brackett



Portland, Feb. 10th 1861

Miss Elizabeth Brackett:

Owing to a press of business, your letter of Jan. 10th has not been answered, but I have made you a number of calls and find you better, and I shall visit you at times, till you get over your troubles. Sometime I may explain to you how you became frightened, but as it will not alter the case now, it will need no explanation. Perhaps you will remember it yourself.

I feel as though you would get well, so let me know how you are getting along. I am getting quite interested in your case and want to know if I understand it. I believe that if persons believe in the truth, it will teach them that, although they may be absent from one another in the body, yet they may be present and feel each other's feelings. So if you will seat yourself in a chair on Thursday eve at nine o'clock, I will sit down by you and make you feel sleepy; cause the heat to pass down from your face and make you feel very well. If you experience any sensation, let me know; and if you remember how you feel at this time, 9 o'clock, Sunday eve, please name it. It seems as though you were enjoying yourself, so I will bid you good night.

P.P. Quimby


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