Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Miss Brackett



March 10th, 1861.

To Miss B. [Brackett, Boston, Mass.]:

Owing to a press of business I have not had time to answer your letter until now, but I often see you [in spirit] and talk to you about your health.¹ 1 I feel as though I had explained to the spiritual or scientific man the cause of your trouble, which I may not have made plain in my letters to the natural man. But it may sometimes come to your senses, or you may see me: then I can tell you what I cannot put on paper. As for the cause affecting you now: I feel as though I had removed the cause, and the effect will soon cease, and you will be happy and enjoy good health. I wait to hear that my prophecies have fulfilled. But I shall keep a lookout for your health till I hear you say that you are well.

P. P. Q.


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