Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To Miss B.



Miss B.:

Yours of the 7th is received and I am glad to learn that I have relieved your mind by "my power," as you call it. But you misunderstand my power. It is not power but Wisdom. If you knew as much as I do about yourself you could feel another's feelings; but here is the trouble. What people call "power" I call Wisdom. Now if my wisdom is more than yours then I can help you, but this I must prove to you, and if I tell you about yourself what you cannot tell me, then you must acknowledge that my wisdom is superior to yours and become a pupil instead of a patient.

I will now sit down by you and tell your feelings. You may give your attention to me by [mentally] giving me your hand. I will write down the conversation that I hold with you while sitting by you. You have a sort of dizzy feeling in your head and a pain in the back part of the neck. This affects the front part of the head causing a heaviness over the eyes. The lightness about the head causes it to incline forward, bringing a pressure on your neck, just below the base of the brain, so that you often find yourself throwing your head up, to ease that part of the head. This makes it heavy so it bears on the shoulders, cramps the neck, numbs the chest, so that you give way at the pit of the stomach and feel as though you wanted something to hold you up. This cramps the stomach, giving you a "gone feeling" at the pit of the stomach. Now these symptoms taken of themselves are nothing. But you have had medical advice, or have got from someone else an answer to all these feelings. You are nervous. You think you have the heart complaint. Your blood rushes to the head [and you are liable to female weaknesses. Now take] all these symptoms together would not make your face red, what would?

Listen to me and I will give an explanation of all the above feelings. I must go back to the first cause, say some years ago. I will not undertake to tell just the cause but I will give you an illustration. Suppose I (the natural man) were sitting by you, and we were alone. If I should go and fasten the door, and go towards you and attempt to seize hold of you, and if you asked me what I intended to do and I should say, "keep still, or I will blow your brains out," you would see that this would frighten you. I think your heart would beat as fast as it ever did. This explanation I do not say is true. For I suppose a case, [but a shock or] start contracts the stomach, the fright or excitement [generates] heat, [and the pressure] sets your heart beating, and throws the heat to your head, this heat tries to escape out of the nose causing a tickling in your nose and. you often rub it because it itches and feels hot. It then tries to escape through the passage to the ears making your cheeks red and burn and causes a noise in your ears sometimes. This after a while subsides, the stomach relaxes and the heat passes down from the stomach into the bowels. . . .

Now follow the directions in the last letter and relieve the pressure on the aorta. This will check the nervous heat and relieve the excitement and then the heat will subside. The color is in the surface of the skin and has nothing to do with any humor or disease: it is nothing but excitement. As I told you in my last, I will be with you when you read the letters and you will feel a warm sensation pass over you, like a breath. This will open the pores of the skin and the heat will escape.

I send back the five dollars till the cure is performed. I don't like to be outdone in generosity and I am willing to risk as much as anyone in such a cause as this. If I come off conqueror then it will be time enough for you to offer up a sacrifice. Till then if I accept a gift it is without an equivalent on my part. I feel as certain Of success as you do, so I feel as though I run no risk. All I look for is the cure. You ask if I give any medicine. The only medicine I ever give is my explanation and that is the cure. In about a week let me know how the medicine works. Hoping to hear good news when next I hear from you, I remain,

Your friend,

P. P. Quimby


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