Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To A Patient



Excerpt From An Undated Letter To A Patient


What is your true position in regard to the truth or spirit world, or the errors of this world, or that feeling that keeps you in a quandary all the time? It seems as though there were two powers acting upon you at the same time, and it seems as though I must put a false construction on the one that you fear the most. The one you fear is from itself. The fear of the construction that arose from some sensation that contained no knowledge, nor harm, but was a shock that disturbed your mind. This brought your mind, like the earth, in a fit state to receive direction from the power of this world of flesh and blood, or the direction of the truth; and as the natural man or the knowledge of the world has governed your thoughts, you have been kept ignorant of your true position, which is to destroy the enemy of the higher man or put it into subjection to the spiritual man or truth. This is the state of your mind, at this time.

When you think of going anywhere, you feel that, if I could go with you, all would go well; but if you go alone, you take no interest in the amusements, for it is under the direction of this world, and you have arrived at this state where you can foresee a higher state of mind than this world enjoys. But you cannot separate the one from the other, yet. You will soon. I saw the two states last night, in the hall, and you might have noticed it in those girls. My patients all feel a sort of attachment to me, and I could see the same feeling drawing to you. My patients feel my influence in you, and like the children of Israel, they want a leader, which they will find in you. Those two influences are acting upon you all the time.

P. P. Quimby


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