Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To A Patient



Portland, Feb. 9th, 1860

To a patient in Hill, N.H.

Your letter apprised me of your situation and I went to see [absent healing] if I could affect you. I am still trying to do so, but do not know as I can without sitting down and talking with you as I am at present. So I will sit by you a short time and relieve the pain in your stomach and carry it off. You can sit down, when you receive this letter, and listen to my story and I think you will feel better. Sit up straight. I am now rubbing the back part of your head and round the roots of your nose. I do not know as you feel my hand . . . but it will make you feel better. When you read this, I shall be with you: and do as I write. I am in this letter, so remember and look at me, and see if I do not mean just as I say. I will now leave you and attend to some others that are waiting, so "Good evening." Let me know how you get along. If I do not write, I may have time to call for that does not require so much time.

P. P. Q.


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