Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


Letter To A Gentleman Requesting Help Without A Personal Interview



Portland, Oct. 20th, 1860

Dear Sir:

In answer to your inquiry, I would say that, owing to the skepticism of the world I do not feel inclined to assure you of any benefit which you may receive from my influence while away from you, as your belief would probably keep me from helping you. But it will not cost me much time nor expense to make the trial. So if I stand at your door and knock, land you know my voice or influence and receive me, you may be benefited. If you do receive any benefit, give it to the Principle, not to me as a man, but to that Wisdom which is able to break the bonds of the prisoner, set him free from the errors of the doctors, and restore him to health. This I will try to do with pleasure. But if this fails and your case is one which requires my seeing you, then my opinion is of no use.

Yours, etc.,

P. P. Q.


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