gpEasy Layouts

The layouts page in gpEasy's admin is the page you utilize to add new themes to gpEasy. While you may have upload a new theme to the themes folder in your gpEasy installation it is not accessible to be used until you go to the layouts page and add it as a new layout.

One of the unique features implemented in gpEasy 1.7 is the ability to add the same theme to layouts as many times as you desire; therefore, you can edit the layout of the same theme infinitely in gpEasy.

Another feature that's easily overlooked in the layouts page is the ability to define a unique name and color for each layout. This will be pointed out in the visual tutorial below.

At first it may seem a little scary to edit the layout of a theme, however you always have the option to restore the theme's layout to its default after changes have been made. Now go through the visual tutorial below to get familiar with the layouts page in gpEasy. Make sure you follow along in your own installation of gpEasy CMS.

While this tutorial was created for gpEasy 1.7 everything is the same for gpEasy 2.0+.


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