gpEasy Gadgets & Plugins

What are gadgets? Basically, gadgets are specialized "tools" that can be added as "extra content areas." They are generally created by plugins. What's a plugin? A plugin is a small peace of software that adds additional functionality to your gpEasy CMS installation. You can find more plugins from the main Admin page and the link "plugins" below the resources heading.

Plugins aren't necessarily gadgets. An example of a plugin that creates or is a gadget is the "simple search" plugin. The simple search plugin creates a gadget that can be added as an extra content area that will give your site a built in search utility. However, many plugins, like the "multisite" plugin do not add gadgets, just increased functionality.

How do you install a plugin? It's actually very easy. You will need to download the compressed plugin, extract it, and then upload it to the "addons" folder in your gpEasy CMS installation. Once the files are uploaded to the addons folder you will need to go to the Plugins menu at the top of the screen then click the "Manage" link. From there you will be able to install the newly uploaded plugin. As each plugin is different you may need to read the documentation for the particular plugin you are installing for specifics; however, in general just click the install link and follow the instructions. After the plugin is installed it will be listed under the "Plugins" menu. Furthermore, once a plugin is installed the code for that plugin is copied over to the /data/_addcode/ & /data/_addondata/ folders. This way you don't have to worry when moving or upgrading gpEasy as to whether or not your addons will travel with you.

Gadgets are added just like any other "extra content area" that we covered in the extra content areas tutorial. In previous releases of gpEasy CMS there needed to be a special output function in the theme to call gadgets however, that is no longer the case. gpEasy keeps getting easier ;)

One word of caution about plugins and gadgets, when you upgrade it's best to make certain your installed plugins and gadgets will function properly with the new gpEasy version.

Just a simple introduction to what gadgets and plugins are. Go to the gpEasy tutorials page to learn more about gpEasy.


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