gpEasy Extra Content Areas Tutorial

Luckily for me, not much has changed here from gpEasy 1.7 to 2.0+. Therefore, I haven't changed this tutorial. Just realize that some of the menus shown in the images are due to the screenshots coming from gpEasy 1.7 and you will have to correlate them to the new floating menu in gpEasy 2.0.

This pictorial tutorial will walk you through creating, editing, inserting, removing, and arranging gpEasy's extra content areas as well as adding new themes to the layouts, applying layouts to files, and editing the layout of a layout. While this tutorial is fairly easy it is a bit long simply because I want to walk you through many of the possibilities when dealing with extra content areas. Between the extra content areas, layouts, and custom menus gpEasy has a lot of flexibility to display a theme or page in a multitude of ways. Following this tutorial you should jump into the gpEasy custom menus tutorial which will help you round out your skills for manipulating themes and layouts in gpEasy.

Before starting this tutorial make sure you are familiar with gpEasy's layouts.

Extra Content Pictorial Tutorial


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