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Right to use:

Feel free to use any *out of copyright* (non-original content) work on this site as you wish as long as you do NOT charge for it. I ask only that you give it away freely as you received it.

About copyright:

No one can place a copyright on someone else's work without substantially editing the work and adding their own *original content*, even if that work has fallen out of copyright protection and is in the public domain. By transcribing it, OCR, or whatever means used to convert an "out of copyright" work into digital does NOT give someone authority to place a new copyright on said work. I've seen many attempt this and it is the reason this section was started — to ensure such works are free to everyone. Some may claim that they have a copyright and/or that their site's copyright places an "out of copyright" work under their copyright. This is not true. Such copyright notices, as you see here at the bottom of this web site, only protect the website's design/formatting, original content, and formatting/design added to an "out of copyright" work. It does NOT in anyway place a new copyright protection on an "out of copyright" (a work in the public domain) work (the content of that "out of copyright" item). These people claiming such copyright rights are nothing more than copyist attempting to profit from others' labors who have long since passed and who's work has passed into the public domain, as it seems they are incapable of producing their own *original* content.

Learn more about copyrights at Project Gutenberg's Copyright FAQ (especially C16 & C17).

Add or remove a work:

If you have an "out of copyright" ebook that you would like to share with the world via this site please contact us. If you believe there is a work here that is currently under copyright protection and therefore has been mistakenly published on this site, please contact us and we will remove it asap — please include copyright information/documentation.


Behrend, Genevieve (1847 – 1916)

Attaining Your Desires

Cady, H. Emilie (1848 – 1941)

Lessons In TruthLessons In Truth Outlined

Collins, Mabel (1851 – 1927)

Light On The Path

Dresser, Horatio W. (1855 – 1954)

The Power Of Silence

Drummond, Henry (1851 – 1897)

The Greatest Thing In The World

Neville (Goddard) (1905 – 1972)

The Creative Use Of Imagination

Haanel, Charles F. (1866 – 1949)

The Master Key System

Hamblin, Henry Thomas (1873 – 1958)

Within You Is The Power

Ramacharaka, Yogi (1862 – 1932)

Lessons in Gnani Yoga

Wood, Henry (1834 – 1908)

Ideal Suggestion Through Mental Photography

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