Create A Gallery Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through creating a new gallery in gpEasy and then editing it. You will need to be familiar with the previous tutorial, creating & editing files in gpEasy. Many of the skills you learned in that tutorial are applicable to this tutorial. However, in this tutorial we will not be covering file options such as renaming, slug, browser title, etc. . . as these are all carried out in the same manner. This tutorial will focus only on the unique differences of creating a gallery in gpEasy CMS. Of course you will need a gpEasy CMS installation to perform this tutorial.

Gallery Semantics

There are some semantics you need to be familiar with when dealing with galleries. By default gpEasy has a "Galleries" file created already. This is a "special" file and is found within your gpEasy installation, /include/special/special_galleries.php

The include folder contains most all the "core" gpEasy program files. Therefore, the special_galleries.php file which creates the "Galleries" file is a core gpEasy system file and should not be altered. You can change the name of the  "Galleries" file in the File Manager as well as it's description, browser title, etc., just like any other file in the File Manager but you cannot change the slug/URL. Because it is a "special" file in gpEasy it has a unique URL and you cannot change this URL. The URL, or slug, for the Galleries file/page is always /Special_Galleries

What does the Galleries file/page do?

This file/page organizes all the gallery files you create on one page, the /Special_Galleries page. It takes the first image of any gallery created and uses that as the display to represent that particular gallery. As you will probably have noticed by now, my /Special_Galleries page looks different than your typical gpEasy installation. This is because I've changed the styling of my /Special_Galleries page as well as the styling for all my gallery pages. I'll show you how to do this in an advanced tutorial/hack. However, what you need to be aware of is, when I refer to the "Galleries" file I'm referring to this "special" file. It's the file that displays all gallery files within it, and when I refer to a gallery I'm referring to a gallery page like the one you will be creating in this tutorial that will be displayed by the special_galleries.php file. Yes, this can be a little confusing at first. Just remember that the Special_Galleries page can't be edited and all gallery pages/files can be.


Now that the semantics are out of the way we can talk about this tutorial. I've deleted  it! The reason I removed it is, it's now covered in the create & edit gpEasy pages tutorial. This is due to the new "sections" feature in gpEasy 2.x. You can still create a gallery page it's just not created in the same way as before. Now it's created like any other page. You just select image gallery when creating the page instead of the other options and you can add sections to it like any other page.


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