Working With Pages in gpEasy Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through creating and editing pages in gpEasy CMS 2.0+.


Of course you need a gpEasy installation--see the xampp tutorial and/or the gpEasy install tutorial.

You will find many of the file options in the Page Manager Tutorial. That information will not be repeated here so please make sure you are familiar with the different file options in the page manager. Of course you should read all the tutorials prior to this one; however, the above are the "mandatory" ones you will need to make it through this tutorial without too much effort.

Creating A New Page

There are two ways to create a new page in gpEasy 2.0+

1. Via the Page Manager

  • Select a menu.
  • Select page on the menu you want to insert new page after, before, or as a child page.
  • Give the page a name and select the type.
    • Editable Text
    • Image Gallery
    • File Include
    • Other: Some plugins add additional types.

2. Via Floating Menu

  • Under "Content" select "+ Create New Page"
  • Give the page a name and select the type (same as above).

Page Types

By default there are three types of pages you can create as noted above. In general you will create an Editable Text page. The reality is, with gpEasy 2.0 you can always add an image gallery and/or file include within any page you have created; therefore, it will be rare that you will want to create a page that is only an image gallery or a file include page.

Editing Pages

gpEasy 2.0 introduced "sections" to page content areas along with inline true WYSIWYG editing. These are two great features that make working in gpEasy very easy, functional, and seamless.

The only way to edit a page is when you are viewing the page and logged in therefore, you must first navigate to the page you desire to edit. Once you are on the page you only have to move your mouse over the area you want to edit and you will see a red highlighted area with an edit button. Click the edit button to edit the page.

Just as in creating a page, editing a page allows you to add the same types of sections/pages--Editable Text, Image Gallery, and File Include.

Editable Text Section

Editing an editable text section is easy. You just need to familiarize yourself with the HTML editors toolbar. Remember that you can have as many "sections" in a page as you like and any combination of sections--editable text, image gallery, file include, or sections available to you from a plugin. Let's continue on and create a new section on this same page we are editing. We'll make it an image gallery.

Image Gallery Section

File Include Section

At this point you should be settling in with adding sections to a page. Now we are going to add the third default type, file include. What this section allows you to do is include other file/page or gadget into a page as a section. Yes, you could include a page that you have previously created as a section in another page. This section type is extremely handy when working with gadgets that you only want to use on a single page.


Working with sections in gpEasy pages isn't hard at all. It just takes a little getting used to. They allow for great flexibility when creating pages. Like this page for instance. It has several editable text sections and several image gallery sections. To create this page in pre 2.0 as it is would have been a major pain.

The only caution I have when working with sections is, MAKE SURE YOU WANT TO REMOVE A SECTION BEFORE YOU CLICK THE REMOVE BUTTON because it will be permanently deleted--not moved to the trash--with no way to retrieve the information.

Play around with sections on some test pages. Add a few plugins and add their gadgets as sections via the file include section. Rearrange sections and have a little fun getting familiar with this new feature in gpEasy.


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