Jeremiah 39


by Emma Curtis Hopkins


Jeremiah wrote this history. All human history is but the transcription of a dream. It never happened at all. If the circumstances and events and laws and phenomena of human experience ever did take place — ever were set going by any being — then there is no telling what may lie in wait for us after this experience and no supposing of What happened before this was set going. Also there is no possibility of admiring or loving their origin.

Strict investigation of Scripture and strict logic compels us to see that “as from a dream one awaketh,” so may we arise from all this phantasmagoria now. “Now is the accepted time. Now is the day of salvation.”

The “I” of every living thing is the maker of its own experiences. The “I” stands at the center of being and thinks its thoughts. A11 thoughts are thrown outward into forms. Thoughts that are true make substantial and enduring forms. Thoughts that are only suppositious shadow the substantial and good.

Many a thinker has felt this truth and spoken it. The best words seem to have been spoken by good physicians. This was because they were enamored of the idea of helping others.

Descartes, the French philosopher, thought that the key to the understanding of the mystery of life lay in understanding how to heal. Sir Thomas Brown said: “The severe learning of the schools shall never take from me the conviction that what we perceive with the senses only shadows some substantial realities which the sense cannot cognize.”

Whoever shall learn to recall all the thoughts he has ever thought home to himself, and start them over again as truth only, without supposing anything will find his world transformed. We do not need to see the world as we have seen it. We may learn to see it as truth expressed by thinking truth. When we think such things as this 39m Chapter of Jeremiah tells, we are not thinking truth unless we look to the esoteric significance. The esoteric meaning of all this is that by supposing what is not true we are likely to get into just such a situation as Zedekiah did. It would not be a real situation.

Nothing could make it real, but it might seem very real to us. The Whole lesson may be resolved into a state of mind showing itself outwardly.

Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, is our most determined belief in the reality of the world as it appears to the scholar. The scholar is always proudly certain that he knows all that the world has taught, and what has been accepted by scholars must be accepted by the church which he attends. The letter of the church must be besieged by the school till the minister of spiritual messages cannot be listened to if his worldly education has been neglected.

Then the church runs out upon the plains of blank fear and yields the question. The single mind does the same with its thoughts. If ever you have a thought you had to study Latin or Sanscrit or Greek roots or logic in order to know highest good, you also are Zedekiah running out on the plains of blank fear. Nebuchadnezzar is after you. For the fact is you do not have to study these things at all. Jerusalem is yours. You know all things within your own mind. This is truth.

Wisdom is yours. At the center of your being you are identical with wisdom itself. This is the truth. At the center of your mind you can stand and refuse all the notions of Babylon (or the world). Always your neighbors will be exactly like those you now associate with so long as you stand at the center of your mind and suppose the things that you now do. Always you will be forgetful and inferior and depressed and snubbed, so long as you stand at the center and load and fire such suppositions as you do now.

It is your privilege never to yield a point to Babylon, but instead to dictate to Babylon. Society should not dictate to you that there is any difference among the sons and daughters of God. You should ignore such errors and transcend society with the words of truth. Babylon shall be cringing to Jerusalem. Society shall cringe like a shadow under the words, “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, Greek nor barbarian, bond nor free,” in truth. It is only in error there is difference.

But then you must never forget that society is something that you make for yourself by your thoughts. You must not be led by any experience of any sort or kind to believe that by nature you are not divine. If anybody tells you that you are a miserable sinner at heart, who empowered him to tell you that and why should you believe him?

Why not stand upright at the center of mind, quite ignoring him and his words, and look into your own nature for yourself. Any yielding the point of your own central Wisdom and divinity is being chased by the King of Babylon.

For the highest teaching of Babylon is that you know nothing and must be taught everything. This is not truth.

Here where it tells that the Chaldeans broke down the walls of Jerusalem you may see how your stronghold that the “spirit shall teach you all things” must never yield the point in the first place that schools are necessary to your knowledge. This does not argue against schools, but only against dependence upon them. Self-knowledge is the knowledge of God, which is mastery of all other knowledge. If there is a way of thinking about God that has the effect of healing the sick, that is surely the true way to think about God. If there is a way to think about God that will strengthen your judgment, that is, without doubt, the true Way to think about God.

It is practical. Do not believe a single thing that very learned men tell you, if they show no sign of truth in their conduct or bodily states. If a man must of necessity show forth his own thoughts upon his body his thoughts must be erroneous if he has sick spells, lameness, blindness, rheumatic pains, or nervous exhaustion.

There must be some great error in the mind of that learned man who finally has softening of the brain. There must be some great mistake in that preacher’s doctrine who has to recuperate from overwork. “My words are life to them that find them and health to all their flesh.”

There will not be the least studying of Dante, or Goethe, or Shakespeare when it is found that their errors of mind are silently communicated to all those readers who have not been so steadied by knowing truth but that unhealthy ideas can chase them and break down the walls of their safety (Jerusalem). There is mighty error of mind which each one of these communicates to his readers.

Many a young man and maiden has disappointed his or her friends’ high hopes because they caught the infliction of the false ideas held by the brilliant authors and mighty scholars whose writings they read with delight. Every child is supremely above his books.

There is a way of teaching, or drawing forth from the Wonderful love possessed by children. But nobody has learned that way so but that the walls of Jerusalem, or the beautiful gates of the child-mind are always broken down by worldly insisting upon knowledge from without. This knowledge, as all the scholars know, is constantly varying, constantly being upset. There is only one knowledge that remains eternally changeless. Cogito, ergo sum. This is the innate knowledge of the “I Am.”

Whoever can get the child to stand by his own self-conviction quite independent of any instruction whatsoever from without has the secret of education and starts the demonstration of genius. Jesus Christ would not be taught anything. “He needed not that any man should teach Him.” Do you suppose that any child is different from Jesus Christ? Not at all.

If you think that any child is different from Jesus Christ you think a falsity and simply show that your walls of Jerusalem have been broken down.

Mary and Joseph showed great wisdom in letting their little Jesus have so much freedom. Of course He was not constantly told not to do this and not to do that, and He was never scolded. They knew what all parents ought to know, viz., that every child’s “face always beholds the face of the Father.”

In speaking forth that truth which the child always knew from the beginning, He urged upon men not ever to judge from appearances but to start judgment from right reasoning.

Right reasoning is like a wind that blows great trees down and sends the chaff flying off the earth. Right reasoning held by a few minds will blow all the errors out of the mind of humanity. Right reasoning gives the metaphysical purport of all the historic records of Scripture. And purely metaphysical reasonings dissolve all materiality. “The earth is clean dissolved.”

You have heard that absolutely pure water would dissolve everything it touched. Pure reasoning is pure water. It is that pure reasoning that is now turning the steam loose over the world mind. The elements cannot help melting. If a little child should stand up and speak forth its own inner knowing, nothing abnormal or untrue could remain in its presence. The abnormal and undesirable will dissolve first.

Sickness falls. Death stops. Tempers and passions flee. These things follow the preaching of truth. Then the visible heavens will roll away like a scroll and the material earth is clean dissolved. Just unadulterated truth will finally effect this.

Do you notice that Nebuzaradan gave the houses and lands of Jerusalem to those who had not had anything at all before? Well, you must be Wise enough to notice that the old ideas that have been snubbed in the past are coming to the front as the most powerful ideas to hold. One of these snubbed ideas is the reality of matter. It is going to be one of the richest ideas of the future.

Another snubbed old idea growing into rich favor is, “there is no reality in sickness.” Another one is, “we are already at home in God. There is no future.”

Kingdoms of matter rise and fall, philosophies stand high and sink into disrepute, the wise old alchemies are held in derision, but that only the good is true shall increase in favor till all is seen as good indeed; that human history never took place shall be the noblest religion; that God and we are one and the same, the only substance Spirit. This is the last trump of Gabriel — ultimate truth.

March 6th, 1892


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