Isaiah 26:2


by Emma Curtis Hopkins


Here is a lesson in prophecy. Isaiah sees ahead from his own time into a period never yet reached (externally) when all the nations will speak truth. And with their speaking truth there should be salvation in the very stones of the walls of the city.

All the time Isaiah is writing you will notice that he believes intensely in time. He foretells the good future of the race. He sees the golden age to come.

Such men as Isaiah have had a great deal to do with the civilized world’s looking forward to the coming of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, instead of knowing and realizing that God, as the Giver of every good and satisfactory condition, is always here in His greatest power and greatest beneficence, ready to pour out into visible gifts what lies so closely around us.

Any strong mind with intense conviction can set the current of the world’s thought flowing when it speaks.

So Isaiah set the current of the World’s thought consciously where his words were read, and unconsciously where they were only felt, into the belief in a far-off future for its good. The very best kind of men the race has had, with only one or two marked exceptions, have believed in future good instead of insisting upon all things now.

Your bodily health should be perfect now, whether Isaiah believed you should wait for a golden age for it or not. Your mind should be perfect in its judgment so that you should speak no error and make no mistake now, Isaiah and all the rest of the prophets to the contrary notwithstanding. Your prosperity along every line of effort should be delightfully satisfactory ever minute now. All the prophets of Israel and the preachers of the ages should be rejected if they speak contrariwise.

Jesus Christ says, “Now is the day of salvation.” He is not pleased that John the Baptist is always telling of what is to come. He says that the very least spiritually-minded to be in the kingdom (not going into it), is greater. The kingdom of health (health is God) is here Waiting our seeing and loving it. The kingdom of judgment (judgment is God) is here waiting our seeing and loving it. The kingdom of prosperity (prosperity is God) is here waiting our seeing and loving it. One is no more material than another.

In the old high Jewish science of God, prosperity was always a sign of God’s recognized presence. There must be also good health and noble judgment to accompany prosperity, else we will be one — sided.

If you are afraid to lay hold on prosperity as a marked sign of favor from the Most High, you show that some great error of a man or set of men struggling to be spiritually — minded has got hold of your thoughts to push them his or their Way.

Jesus Christ owned all the kingdoms of this world and the riches of them. “Know ye not that Jesus Christ is in you?”

Take special notice that Jesus Christ assures you and all the race that being spiritually-minded you are sure to have a hundredfold more in this sphere of experience and in the realm of high thoughts where you go. By continually keeping His name you have everlasting rest in delightful companionship, unbroken family life, abundant blessing greater than you can ask or even think.

The kingdom of God is an everlasting kingdom lying around us. To speak of it as here and now is to open our eyes to see it. Many a man has grown old still hoping to be prospered when he might have taken the prosperity held out to him from the first by saying, “I am prosperous now and I am awake to see it. I do not believe in waiting to get what is my right today.”

It is about time the world got out from under the swing of people’s thoughts of futures. The Buddhists teach, and so did the Egyptians long ago, that we ought to cry “IT IS! IT IS!” to the good.

A good physician is one who believes that his powders and pills will work now. If he hands his successful pills and powders to a man who believes that maybe sometime he will be a successful doctor, those pills and powders won’t work through the future kind of mind unless that mind yields absolutely to the now feeling of the successful one.

You can take the successful note of now from your own reason, or you can get near some successful man or woman and get a treatment from their confident mental quality.

I do not believe in poor Christians. I have seen people get quite Well of their crooked limbs who lost all their means after being quite subservient in mind to one who thought healed legs were a sign of spiritual life, but who felt that prosperity was not a sign of spiritual life.

Elisha, who lived about a hundred years before Isaiah, did not speak so powerfully as Isaiah; if he had we would be much more prosperous now than we seem to be. Elisha picked up dead people and said, “Live now!” He fed hundreds of people out of small provisions right when they were hungry. He saw how mean it would be to promise pottage to starving people in a golden age to come.

Once when he was living in the little village of Dothan, the Syrian king sent a host of soldiers to slay him. Elisha’s servant was terrified, but Elisha calmly said, “They that be with us are more than they that be with them.” And looking around about towards the hills of Samaria the servant saw chariots and horses and majestic horseman fighting their cause, and there was no army of Syrians could hurt Elisha.

Do you believe this? It would be a good plan for you to believe that if you think what is true with all your might that all the supernal beings of the World of God are on your side.

Do not wait for danger and privation and sorrow to swoop down on you like a wind from the strong errors of the prophets and priests and ministers of the past in conjunction with the present overpowering belief in the reality and law of such things. Rise and think for yourself and then when the day of calamity seems to be about to destroy you, you will find the thoughts you now take up will encamp in the hills about you and put all evils to flight.

I suppose you understand that those majestic horsemen and chariots of fire were the outpicturing of Elisha’s affirmations.

“Have your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel.”

Today think the bravest and noblest and richest thoughts you can speak. Think them Well. They will come back as good health, good judgment, prosperity.

“He createth the fruit of the lips.”

Words come back in fruits of all kinds. Just hear the beggars scream. Who made them beggars? Isaiah, John the Baptist, the pulpits of modern times and all such as agree that good health, good judgment, and prosperity are going to belong to mankind in the future.

“Now is the day of salvation,” says Jesus. “Open are the gates,” said Isaiah. He meant open your mind to speak boldly the twelve words of science.

The twelve gates of revelation and prophecy and science are the twelve knowledges you already possess. The moment you hear from the roar of without, the words that are not true, you begin to close your gates. Open the twelve gates boldly. Swing open the gates of that wonderful wisdom given you from the foundations of the world. Regard nobody’s teaching who believes in the power of evil. Avoid books that describe evil. Ignore people who believe in evil. Open wide the twelve gates of your noble city and shed abroad the glory of health, strength, joy, prosperity.

Do you know the twelve laws that are shut up within your wonderful mind?

You had better hear them spoken boldly by somebody who knows them and believes in them, but I will give them briefly for you to speak either silently or audibly:

Remember that what you think is a wave of light going through the mental atmosphere of the world, and where ever your true thought strikes, somebody will be lifted off a bed of pain or healed of some sorrow.

  1. There is good for me. My good is my God, my life, my truth, my love, my substance, my intelligence, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient.
  2. There is no mixture of evil in my good. There is no opposition to my God as material conditions of any kind. There is no absence of life, substance, intelligence. There is nothing to hate. There is no presence of sin, sickness, or death in my World, where God is the only presence and power and Wisdom.
  3. God is all. God is the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient good, as life, truth, love, substance, intelligence. I am my own idea of God, and I live and move and have my being according to my idea of God. I am spirit, mind like my God, and shed abroad wisdom, strength, holiness. My God works through me to will and to do that which ought to be done by me. I am governed by the true God and am kept from sin, from suffering for sin, and I cannot fear sin, sickness, or death.
  4. I do believe that the true God is now working with me and through me and by me and for me, to make me a living demonstration of omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient goodness.
  5. As spirit I can preach the gospel. Heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead.
  6. I understand the secret of instantaneous spiritual demonstration.
  7. I hold no accusations against the people of God. I do not believe in lustful passions or sensual appetites. I believe that all these are the hunger and thirst after righteousness, given a false name.
  8. I do not accuse the people of God of deceiving each other or of being deceived. There is no opposition to truth.
  9. I do not accuse the people of God of being sinners. It is true that all things were made by the true God and are now very good.
  10. I do not believe in a mixture of good and evil in the universe. I stand to my confidence that all is good. All is good in truth. According to my faith so it is now unto me and unto those about me.
  11. I can not admit that there is any foolishness or ignorance or weakness or o1d — age failure in omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscience. There is but one mind, and that is God — one substance, and that is God.
  12. The white soul of every creature stands out ransomed from sin, death and sorrow by the words of truth. The whole world is awake to righteousness. Time is no more. All is well now.

Judging not after the sign of the eyes nor after the hearing of the ears, these twelve gates will open and you will surely see things as they are and not as has been believed they are.

To live and think these thoughts is to shine as the sun with love and wisdom. This was the truth as lived by Jesus Christ. This is the truth Jesus Christ lives. This is the truth everlasting.

High over all principalities and powers of unbelief in the allness of God, high over all memories of your past, high out of reach of your fears of the future, live and reign in truth with Jesus Christ in you and with you and by you and for you.

Do you not know that this truth is Jesus Christ in you? Do you not know that when you speak this truth it is Jesus Christ opening the gates of glory for your world?

Poor Isaiah looked forward to a time when the world should know it. We rise in triumph of knowing that the kingdom of God is within us all now.

January 10th, 1892


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