John 17:1


by Emma Curtis Hopkins


Jesus teaches all about prayer in this lesson. He discloses His mission to the world, the mission of His disciples and your mission also.

Here He sets apart certain ones to devote all their time, energy, money, mind, life, to preaching the truth concerning the true God. Henceforth they should not be known among men as lawyers and physicians or fishermen, but as preachers of the peculiar doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Here, you observe for the first time, He calls the Name in which all the miracles of the future are to be wrought--Jesus Christ.

He had told them of the magic power of His Name. In it was contained the power of the Holy Ghost to comfort, heal, rejoice, prosper. By thinking His Name they were to be imbued with power from on high, and illuminated with great spiritual understanding.

It was customary in old times for miracles to be wrought by speaking certain names. They spoke these names inaudibly. They would not tell the name they used in some cases because the careless use of the name would not accomplish anything. Each name stood for certain powers and limitations of powers. It represented much. The Egyptians used Serapis, Osiris, Isis. The Indians used Buddha. The Persians used Ormuzd. Brainerd, the missionary to our American Indians, could not tempt them by the name Jesus Christ, because they had names that were miracle Working.

Constantine noticed that the names used by the heathen worked destruction more than life. He tested one of his magicians on a fierce bull. When the magician whispered one name into its ear the animal fell dead. The same name Whispered into the dead ear would not raise the beast to life. But a Christian, who had supreme faith in the name Jesus Christ, raised the animal to life instantly with that Name.

All those old practices which we have so long regarded as Worthless superstitions we are now finding out to be hints of the Way to our own demonstrations of power and goodness. He had told them to put out of their horizon their father, mother, husband, wife, children, that His Name might start the wheels of their mind and life over again. Did you ever try holding His Name in mind to the exclusion of all other names till its high significance as salvation from all evil came thrilling and quickening you with delight?

No? Then how can you judge as to whether He Was mistaken when telling the world that all its prayers should be granted in His Name?

You would like to heal all the sickness of the world, ease all its misery, rejoice all its hearts. You have tried many ways. Have your tried that Name till its significance as the demonstration of God through you Worked miracles? If you are eager to help the world — so eager that you would do anything, as you have so often said — try Writing this Name in every blood-drop and on every string of your heart.

He said you would be found preaching the good word without any mixture of evil (The idea of evil is the son of perdition. He taught that every son or word of His mind would demonstrate except the word of perishing, or devil word, the lie — from-the-beginning Word. The errors should not count.) You are to heal, stop vicious tempers, raise all who seem to be dead to life again. Then if you faithfully work at these things with His Name in mind you need not take any thought about what to eat, drink, wear, nor as to whom you shall marry nor what you shall lay up for old age. The four works will make the living on the square which will then draw around you the perfect circle of a beautiful and satisfied life.

And if you can demonstrate satisfactory living, you can teach others how to demonstrate. You must not only be sanctified yourself, but all the world must be as glad as yourself. “He lifted up His eyes.” This is stated not carelessly. The Way the mind thinks will teach the Way the eyes turn. Take the man who is always meditating on high themes for his own sake, and he will look down. The man who thinks with his head down is apt to conclude to do things to advantage himself Whether others are advantaged or not. The man who looks straight ahead is one who gets on fairly well with the World and generally gets to feeling that he can hold his own with the world. He often gets philanthropic and wide-hearted. The man whose thoughts are on God as all, has an upward look of eyes that, Without being conspicuous, you catch while you converse with him. The man who brings all his help from above and acknowledges it, does not believe anything is impossible. The man who looks out straight towards the horizons, believes in great obstacles and names what he must meet. The man who looks down believes in submission to the existing order of things and feels that he must yield to the worst with as good a face as he can make up.

The Chinese teach certain kinds of people to sit in a circle and practice steadily looking up to a clear stone, that will drop down, sometimes, answers to their needs. A colored washerwoman had got the idea into her mind that “de good Lawd was a showerin’ blessin’s on” her from His seat in heaven.

A nice pious Woman told her with the corners of her sad mouth downcast like her eyes, that it seemed dreadful to her to see so much levity and lightness where there was so much likelihood of misery to come any day. “Supposing you are taken sick with rheumatism and can’t Work; or supposing your employer dies?” she was arguing.

“Stop!” said the washerwornan, “I neber suppose De ‘Lawd is my Shepherd ‘n I shall not want.’ And, Honey, it is yo’r supposin’ as is makin’ yo’ so rnis’able.”

Jesus Christ had just been looking around on them all. “I call you not servants, but friends.” Then He took them as one with Him to the Holy High Place, where all His thoughts dwelt in exalted ecstasy and called down the healing glory of the God within Him.

All who have tried mental healing have found that an exalted state of mind or an ecstatic state of mind Where the glory of God is seen and realized as very near and real, is a sure healing state. Then it is found that it is very direct communion with this down-falling glory to praise and bless and glorify It. To thank It. To give all credit to It. Cromwell asked the House of Commons to give God the Whole glory of his victory at Naseby. Jesus Christ was praising God for the crucifixion, as to its outcome. He did not see the crucifixion: He saw the time when we should know Him as principle demonstrated, not as a man of flesh and blood. Whoever undertakes to be spiritually minded or to look straight to God for all things, will always come out successful.

The business man seeing God will find that when very bit of news brought to him is bad, every deal he makes slips up, his collectors run away with rents, etc., that at the end he has had more income than if all these had come out right when he was not seeing God nigh within the exalted place of his mind. Nor height nor depth nor any other creature can keep you from demonstrating success when you glorify God for His Being. Of course God is not in the ether of the sky. God is in His kingdom Within your mind. The eyes just signal or symbolize your way of thinking

Chrysostom was threatened with exile if he preached God in Christ Jesus.

“Thou canst not exile me. The world is my Father’s house.”

“I will slay thee.”
“Thou canst not. God is my life.”
“I will take away thy possessions.”
“Thou canst not. They are in God.”
“I will take away thy friends.”
“Thou canst not. God is my friend.”

A missionary in Russia was once Waited on by a court official to tell him that his Imperial Sovereign would not consent to his preaching Christ Jesus in that kingdom. The missionary said, “My Imperial Sovereign does not ask anybody’s consent to send His good word through His own Kingdom.”

There is nothing can Withstand your power of influence when you give God the glory of your life, your health, your possessions. Queen Mary feared John Knox more than she did an army of ten thousand soldiers. All good is from God. “I drew them with the bands of love, and they knew not that I healed them.” Let us praise God who dwelleth in the high place of our own mind. Praise God for healing us before We see the healing. “I healed them and they knew it not.”

Your bodily organs love to be praised. A thousand little mouths are stretching open Within you, hungry for praising. You must praise your heart for its sweet happy beating. Do you not know that its substance is God? Praise your liver for its lovely life and Wholesome working. Its action is God. “I drew thee with the bands of love, yet thou knowest not My healing.” Even the stones will sing if you praise them. Many an inactive organ within you needs the oil of your praising to set it into happy action.

This is what Jesus Christ teaches me. Why, what a simple lesson it is! Praise! This is where you become like Jesus Christ, then your principle of action will win. Rest and Freedom are names of Jesus Christ.

A sperm Whaler believed in the Sabbath as God’s rest for his men. He, as captain, refused to have his men work on the Rest Day. The mate threatened to have him dismissed. “God will be justified,” he said. Then an awful hurricane came up, and down the mate got in terror, but the captain smiled and drew into a port where they never thought of such a thing as a cargo, but they got a full cargo in one third the time.

How can we help loving God? All my trust on Thee is staid.

All my help from Thee I bring,
Cover my defenseless head
With the shadow of Thy wing.

Spurgeon called $43,000 per year to his orphanage by asking God. That is the greatest honor you can pay the true God — the “one God above you and through you and in you all” give Him the glory for everything.
And the gates of hell are nothing against your fortress where God, the true God, is praised as the sender of all your blessings.

Another man saw the sweet freedom Jesus Christ had by having God so reign in Him, and he opened his art collection and hired a band for the villagers to come to his house Sunday evenings. The pious ones were horror stricken, but somehow, he remembered how Jesus Christ told the man to carry his bed home one time when even to wear heavy shoes was against the sabbatical law of carrying burdens and also bruised corn when even to walk in grass was prohibited. He saw that freedom was a name of God, not bondage to notions. So when a gale of financial stress struck his business what did those villagers do but rise like one man to help him out.

You see there is a principle of goodness that is better than regulations of man. Recreation is rest. Freedom is rest. God is rest. The true God makes you kind, merciful, trustful. This is life eternal to your hope, to your joy, to your friendships, to your loving. There is nothing to hate. You forgive everybody and everything. You give for the ugly pain a loving word: “I forgive you.” To the sharp circumstance: “I forgive you.” You have a reservoir of healing oil that you pour over the affairs of your daily lot, in “I forgive everybody and everything.” Nothing to hate. Did you suppose there was any merit in your hating tobacco and rum?

Tell them that you forgive them. They will lose their stings. The sting of them is your hate. You have the power to take up any deadly thing and it shall not hurt you. Can not God touch God and be undefiled? All is God. Hate nothing. The attraction of everything is God. Now that you know this, you will not be hurt by any of these things any more, will you? “The Truth shall make you free.”

Today Jesus Christ prays for some in particular. Dear hearts, now and then you must be very, very definite in telling Whom you would have especially blessed and naming your particular request. Jesus Christ did this. God is not above helping you out of the tiniest little troubles. The buttercup is as softly painted as the tulip. Your blessing — name it at the foot of the throne Within the Holy Place of your mind.

“It shall be done unto you.” And God shall wipe away your tears, and heal your heart. Today you may tell what you would like best for your beloved in your home.

I pray for these today,
My heart folds these today,
Speed busy world today,
For these I pray today.

November 15th, 1891


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