Bible Lesson XLIII
Psalm 84:1-12
Truth Makes Free


by Emma Curtis Hopkins


The information held within the chalice of these texts has been as carelessly handled, as were the priceless manuscripts by the monks in the Nitrian monasteries of Egypt. Has anyone been preaching to believing audiences from these psalms that the curse of earning our bread by the sweat of our brow, by hiring out to our neighbors, may be entirely removed by the right word? Has anyone found himself glad to be told that reformatories and prisons are no use because they are founded on a belief that in God’s house there is evil? In Truth there are no criminals. In Spirit there is no need of prisons and reformatories. Spirit and Truth are all. Shall we, then, close up our prisons and reformatories? Our first duty is to know the truth about them. “Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.” It is niot for you to touch the externals. You are to know what is true. This is your whole business in life. Knowledge of Truth is its own demonstration. All things are coming to the world by its knowledge of Truth.

The Truth is, it is useless to study about heartbeats, nerve ganglia, bones, and blood, for there are no such things. They are but the shadows thrown down from the belief in matter. As matter is nothing at all, of course there is no use studying it.

Schools and schoolmasters are no use for they are founded on the belief in the absence of intelligence. Such a belief is utterly without foundation in Truth, for Intelligence is God never absent from any jot or tittle of His universe. God is not “the Great Absentee of the universe,” as we have been believing heretofore. God is the only Presence. Any institution or performance founded upon any other proposition than that God is Omnipresence must fall to nothingness, because it is founded upon a lie.

All material things and all performances, workhouses, hospitals, sanitariums, are but the shadows cast down by believing in the absence of God from some spot or point or creature of His house. The belief is a false one, and as God is the only Mind in the universe of course the mind that believes in evil and matter is no mind at all. The knowledge of this mighty Truth will stop your career of effort at reforming your neighbors, because it will stop your thinking such lies about them. The instant you stop thinking lies you enter into the silence. Here, at the silence of thinking what is not true, is heaven. “And there was silence in heaven for the space of half an hour.”

It is the silence of that half hour within your own mind that has left you to let your imagination run riot. Enter into the silence of heaven and the next speech that you speak will be from the Kingdom of Heaven within you. This psalm is about the House of God. It is the eighty- fourth psalm. It leads us to the most upsetting ideas - ideas that upset our most vital beliefs of the past. We are able to see that God is all, and that to know the Truth of God will open the gates of gold.

We find that we must have nothing to do in our minds with funerals or prisons or schools. If we do not allow our minds to think of such things they will never come into our sight. They will never come into anyone’s sight who refuses to think of them, basing his cessation of thought on the knowledge that God being all, there is no room in Truth for evil or matter or death. Jesus taught this lesson by saying, “Let the dead bury their dead.” He meant, “Let those whose thoughts are running on such things handle the consequences of their own thoughts.”

If a funeral or hospital or sickness comes into our sight it is prima facie evidence we have let our thoughts dwell on lies concerning God. It is considered a virtue by some people to build hospitals and schools for the carrying out of man’s belief in the absence of God. It is no virtue. It is better to enter into the closet and be still to know God. God is Truth; Truth will redeem the nations from pain. Therefore speak Truth. Truth is peace. Therefore speak Truth.

This dwelling in the house of God, which is dwelling in freedom, is the redemption from two subtle lies that are hanging their curtains before the eyes of those who are estimated as being very pious and godly. One subtle lie is the doctrine of fatality, and the other subtle lie is the doctrine of limitation. There is no fate. There is absolute choice - absolute monarchy. They who know God are above destiny. They know that they never did or said or thought anything in the past, which could make “karma” or weave a net of consequences around them with any reality in it. God is their past. “I am Alpha.” They look forward to no future of the consequences of thoughts or actions or words in Truth, for “I am Omega.” They laugh at the stories written in their stars. They set auguries and omens to one side. They are not amenable to society or custom. They dictate to society and bring forth the customs of God to overthrow the customs of the world. They know that the idea contained in the teaching of fate is nonsense. God is our home. Do they believe in death? There is nothing to die. God cannot die. God is all. I do not believe that:

“On two days it steads not to run from thy grave;
The appointed and the un-appointed day.
On the first neither balm nor physician can save;
Nor thee on the second the universe slay.”

It sounds well, but it is the sound of a dreamer who hides the silence of heaven, where there is no place to run from but God, and no place to run into but God. To know this lesson well is to bring the world to an end. What world? Why, the dream world, of course. As a dream when one awketh, so shall thy belief in old age fall off, thou son of Jehovah, equal in power, equal in possession, equal in knowledge with thy Father-Mother God.

Does God grow old?

As a dream when one awaketh, so shall poverty and want flee from thee, thou bride of the Maker of worlds. Thy Maker is thy husband. Shall God refuse to provide? Here is a teaching. For you to be greatest in the kingdom does not mean that you are greater than your fellow man, but that you are the greatest you can be. How great can you be? As great as you have courage to affirm. To be wisest in the Kingdom of Heaven does not mean that you are wiser than any others, but that you are the wisest you can be. How wise is that? As wise as you have courage to affirm.

To be richest in the Kingdom of Heaven does not mean that you are richer than your neighbors, but that you are the richest you can be. How rich is that? As rich as you have courage to affirm.

Riches are as Godlike as wisdom and power and health. “Oh, the depth and height of the riches of God.” That is the reason the world in its dreaming scrambles so for riches. It remembers its home and its plenty. “Remember Me.” To know this truth will keep you from thinking it a virtue to be earning your living by any service to your neighbors. To know this will keep you from speaking of knowledge less than your neighbors. To know this will keep you from thinking yourself poorer or richer than your neighbors. You will be quick to affirm at the gates of silence the highest Truth you can speak of yourself. And you will know enough to unite yourself in eternal unity with Omnipotent Spirit. You must unite by the statement of faith. - Faith is the uniting substance. “Faith is the substance.” “I believe that my God is now working with me and in me to make me omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient; I believe in Jesus Christ.”  Why do you say, “I believe in Jesus Christ?” Because “Jesus Christ” means demonstration of Truth. At the gateway of heaven stands Jesus Christ, “I am the door. Ye believe in God, believe also in Me.”

“God (in Science) out of Jesus Christ is a consuming fire.” That is, even the Science as we teach it chemicalizes with strange experiences, without the statement, “I believe in Jesus Christ.” The denial of evil for instance, causes all manner of evil to come into your lot saying, “Do you mean that I am nothing? In me hunt your home. Can you prove me nothing now?” Here you are saved by meeting the results of your faith in demonstration. This is the mystery of Christ. It will not be clear until we have stood within its substance by faith. “I believe in God within me and without me. I believe in Jesus Christ.” This faith is above limitations. “All things are possible to them that believe.” “All power is given unto Me.” And unto the Jesus Christ faith or the Jesus Christ man is given dominion over everything, so that he can say to the mountain, “Be thou removed,” and it must be done. His word is enough. The man who believes in Jesus Christ, which is believing in the visibility of God, builds his church on a different foundation than the idea of saving souls. He knows that there is only one soul and that is God. Does God need saving? So he builds a church or temple within his mind “not made with hands.” This temple is the lofty Truth concerning the universe and man.  The loftiest idea he can name he does name. And the loftiest ideal he can form of God is that there is no one to save, for all are saved. This fills his heart with praise. This is the true temple. He builds his factories and shops on another foundation than the supposition that man must be clothed and fed and housed. He knows that there is but one man, and that is God. Does God need shoes and killed lambs? Does God need the labor of little children to beautify His home?

These things are the fruits of believing that there is someone beside God, and some place besides the Kingdom of God.

So in the mind the man of faith describes God as clothed in. the beauty of holiness. And his description of God being true, his thoughts go spreading over the universe like angels’ fingers to lift the babies out of the factories and the lambs and calves out of the clutches of the butchers.

“He has his feet shod with the preparation of the gospel,” this man does. This all transpires within his mind before the works are made manifest. This is the day when that angel sounds whose voice causes the elders to fall on their faces and the kingdoms of the world to become in visibility, as they are in Truth, the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ.

The voices that speed through the air are from heaven. Listen to them, you who have eaten and drunk and been clothed with things, which your heart would ache to remember whence they came to you. Clothed with God, mantled with thoughts, fine and cheery with Truth. Fed with God. Living by the words that proceed from the Father. All this is the Truth. All else is but dreaming. These thoughts within your mind first are the finger of God writing on the walls of the universe the things that shall shortly come to pass. The looms must stop at the sound of the voice of this Truth. Do you hear the threats of the rebellious multitudes, with their red flags, their refusals to work, their strikes, their anger? They are the shadows cast by the beliefs of the dreamer who thinks thoughts that are not true.

They will not come to bloodshed. The angels of peace are speeding forth from the workshops of Truth in the mind and all that is good in them will be fed with a. new kind of food. All that is false in them will fall under the sword of the Spirit.

A new kind of loom is weaving today. A now kind of grist is grinding today. A new army has arisen today - the silent host of God. The old things fade and fail. “Hark the herald angels sing.”

“Chanting the mighty evangel
That hastens the spirit to free.
‘Tis liberty’s beautiful angel
Coming straight from the Father to thee.”

What a wonderful meaning this Psalm yields up. Did you ever think along with its Truth before? Notice how it spreads its wings of protection: “The Lord is a sun and a shield. He will give grace and glory. No good thing will He withhold.”

We do not turn away from the visibility of this providing and protection of Jehovah. We believe in demonstration because we believe in Jesus Christ - the Truth and its practical application to the daily affairs and places of our lot. According to this the looms and the shops and the marts and the armies ought to stop. God hath ordained the end of things founded on imaginations. “But the gospel must be preached to all nations.” It is first in all minds and then in all actions. Take your mind off material things. Fix it on Truth: Spiritual Science is Truth.

May 8, 1892


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