by Emma Curtis Hopkins


"When Christ Cometh." These people were expecting a Messiah or Christ. That which they were expecting as a body of people each one of us is always expecting.

Look carefully into your own mind, examine your kingdom of thoughts and you will see that there is always a region of you which is intensely looking for deliverance from your environments. This is your Jewry. Now your Christ or deliverer is standing right in yourself, telling you the exact way out this minute.

Job said: "Is not my help in me?" Within me is one thought, that if I heed it will lift me out of every situation and circumstance which the Roman yoke on the Jews typified. So with you. What is true of you is true of every sentient thing. Now the Christ thought in you which will save you, you do not let have its way with you. Why don't you? Each mind is a kingdom of thoughts. We have all power over the kingdom of our own thoughts. We may let a Pharisaic thought or a chief priest thought shut off the beautiful one within us which always says "I Am thy Savior."

Hush all your realm of thoughts for a moment and let that one which says "I am Christ" speak. You can actually work miracles if you let that thought have full sway over your other thoughts. These lessons of Jesus Christ among the Jews and Gentiles represent your Jesus Christ thought within yourself. Each thought says "I am." You let that one have reign over you which you please. "I am envy," says one thought; "I am bigotry," says another; "I am success," says another; "I am your Savior from all evil," says the greatest One within your realm.

This greatest thought is your oldest thought. It was with you in the beginning, is with you now, and ever shall be with you, world without end. It is the "Ancient of Days." "Come and reign over us, Ancient of Days."

Notice this, if you please, that your pious thought, representing the traditions of the past as to the severity of God, is quick to take and bind your Jesus Christ thought. Your Pharisaic thought, representing your past teachings as to your inferiority before God, always chokes down the generous, Sabbath-breaking Christ thought.

Now Jesus Christ, or the power of Truth, is in you all. This power of Truth you cannot kill, but you may hide it if you please for a while. "Yet a little while am I with you," it says just as quickly as your piety and bigotry are roused. For the power of God is never manifested where pious bigotry is allowed rule.

When this knowledge of the ways of thoughts in the mind became known to some very brave thinkers they voluntarily let all their thoughts keep perfect silence while the Jesus Christ thought spoke in them, saying: "I Am the Messiah. I Am Jesus Christ." They all reported wonderful experiences. It seemed to them as if their whole being was God being. There was nothing but God "above them all and through them all and in them all." Jesus Christ is God. This is not person, but Principle. Jesus Christ is the voice, the power of God. These people all became strong through and through. They became well and sound through and through. Their judgment became strong and healthy. They are sure that if you will not let your old prejudices blind you, but will let your highest thought have freedom, you will rise like a bird out of the snare of the fowler, free in God.

Listen to that highest idea within your realm of ideas. Here is its message. "If any man thirst, let him come unto Me, and drink." You know you are thirsty for something. If your friends love you, you still are thirsty. If you have money you still are thirsty. If you have fame you still are thirsty. If you are learned in books you still are thirsty. You will always be thirsty for something till you let your highest idea reign over you.

It says: "I am your lover, your friend, your counselor, your satisfaction." There is no other way of receiving Jesus Christ except this one. It is the principle that is never absent from the mind of any man or woman or child. No matter what you have done or thought, if you will let your thoughts all hold still for this one to rise in its majesty, you are good and great and wise and healthy that moment. The satisfaction of living is yours when forth from you flows the living water of your highest idea only. This is not the doctrine of salvation by works. It is not the doctrine of salvation by faith in anybody or anything.

It is salvation by the "let there be" of Moses and Jesus of Nazareth. It was by keeping silent for God to be the whole of Him that Jesus was enabled to say so boldly, "I and the Father are one. He that hath seen Me hath seen the Father." Spinoza was so lost in finding the power of God over and through and in him so wonderfully, that he was called the God-intoxicated man. Many people have been afraid to let their Jesus Christ thought be their only thought. It seemed suddenly to them as if they themselves were all Jesus Christ, all God, nothing else of them. Why they could possibly be afraid to have their mind occupied by one perfect idea is a mystery. To hold back from speaking this idea in the mind, or rather letting the idea speak itself, is to put off the power of the Holy Ghost (according to this lesson.)

The Holy Ghost is the quickening power of God. The Holy Ghost has not come while you are sick, while you are poor, while you are lame, while you are unhappy. And you cannot have the Holy Ghost till you have been silent enough for the Jesus Christ idea that is within your realm of ideas to speak its words within you very definitely.

Do not be afraid of being Jesus Christ. Do not be afraid of any experience that comes with letting this wonderful idea speak within you. Do not let your thoughts rise up with all kinds of babblings like they did in the Nazareth Man's time. They said: "Shall Christ come out of Galilee?"

You may comfort yourself by knowing that the high doctrine of "Let these be" says: "Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus our Lord." Your mind is not too low a place for your best thoughts to reign over your poor ones in. The poor ones are completely redeemed when they lie still as death for that ever-present one to say: "I Am thy Messiah.

I Am thy Savior, thy Friend, thy Counselor, thy mighty Judgment, thy Power and Majesty forever."

Here the Jews refused the Messiah because they feared that Galilee was not good enough for Him to come out of. You are exactly that when you think you are not good enough to have a thought anywhere within you which is the Savior, the Righteous.

Some men have not let this thought in their mind be Jesus Christ because that word seemed to them to be a man with a religious system to urge and not a principle, so they have let this supreme thought within them say: "I am God, and I reign over thee." Now, in the beginning that was indeed the Word, but by accusing God of so many dealings He could not possibly be guilty of, we have all drawn a veil over our faces, and the Deep crying unto Deep within us saying, "I am God," does not bring the power of God so quickly as by letting the idea Jesus Christ be spoken till the veil is rent. At the same time there is no difference in the meaning of the words. The principle idea within your mind is the God idea. You are expected to work miracles. Every one of you who takes this mode of dealing with the mind will find yourselves converted to uprightness, rejoiced with new powers, filled with health. There is nothing out of the power of one who lets all his mind rest for one thought only to speak. You have the power to call back those who are called dead. You have the power to turn copper into gold. There are strange powers lying dormant, as it were, within you, which, keeping all your thoughts still for one thought to rise in its glory, would quicken. This is the "mystery of Godliness." It is spoken of as the Lion of David, because only victorious people are supposed to have the powers of God with them. But everybody is a victory over the world by this process. There is nothing to do, nothing to believe, only "Let be what is; let speak what is true."

Of course you have heard that Truth is Omnipotence. I assure you that it is. Let speak within you that secret, silent word, while all your other thoughts lie low. "Behold, I have put My Name upon thee." Even while you thirst for the child to be well, the home to be harmonious, the environments not to cramp you so, behold in your midst, that is in your realm of thoughts, stands the Christ.

So now you see how the Kingdom of Heaven is within you. Many people are letting this thought in the midst of them speak till there is great meekness and lowliness of heart where before was pride and arrogance. They do not care for name and fame and rule where before they were ambitious. For you know that Jesus Christ is not ambitious. Your highest thought is meek and lowly of heart.

Let the night watches find you still while your highest "I am" speaks. All that you dream of as desirable is in that redeeming word. So many people catching this knowledge of the metaphysical instructions given by Jesus Christ for our example are the hastening on of that time of which the prophet spoke, "Many saviors shall come up from Jerusalem." Jerusalem means peace. So from the peace of letting thoughts lie still for the Christ one to say, "I Am thy Redeemer," saviors are springing up all over the earth. "They shall all be taught of God" is the prophecy. This God-thought that waits within you, being let to say, "I am" will teach you all things and remind you of that country from whence you came forth and unto which you return.

You have a wonderful kingdom of thoughts. Which one reigns now?

August 30th, 1891


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