by Emma Curtis Hopkins


"If ye continue in My Word," said Jesus Christ, "then are ye my disciples." This discourse of Jesus before the Jews in the court of the Temple at Jerusalem, is all about the Power of the Word.

If anyone is unaware of the potency of the idea he is holding in mind to strike out over his daily affairs and into his bodily conditions then he is not yet acquainted with Christian doctrine.

Take the idea that you are at this moment holding. What is it? The strongest idea one set of people hold is that if something does not turn up within a certain time only a miracle can save them from something or other that is threatening. This is an idea that makes the atmosphere strained and attenuated and gives the children nervous cramps, and the rest of the family neuralgia.

Take that idea and change it into this one: "I have a right to the best, and I will trust to my rights to bring me out right."

As your child has a right to your love and to your protection, and trusts his right, so have you a right to protection in this universe into which you are born.

Trust bravely. Trust like a child and a potentate. Socrates said that a state of grief or anxiety would attract sickness, waste of property, and death. Grief is a word held in the mind. A word is an idea.

"For the lightest word thou shalt give account." The words of Jesus Christ, He promised, would lead into comfort, joy, peace, power. Alike attracts like. You hold a strong, loving thought on purpose; hold it tenaciously; directly, strong loving successes will crown your efforts. This is metaphysics. This is a psychologic study left out in the school books, but is, indeed, the metaphysics of Jesus Christ.

Here He shows what will be the effect of speaking His words, which are all true. Ye shall be free. "The Truth shall make you free."

The Truth He told is so stupendous that many a noble preacher has refused to speak it. Take this word He told you to speak, for instance, "I and the Father are one." People think mostly that He meant only Jesus of Nazareth was one with God. Not at all. He meant that you and I are one with the Father. "Where I Am there ye may be also."

You are looking for freedom of some sort. The fact that you are searching for freedom is evidence that you do not know Truth. "The Truth makes free," remember.

The Russian peasant cowered and shrank like a frightened spaniel while he believed that the shadows in the field were filled with vampires, but when he knew that there was no such thing as a vampire in the shadow he stood up and walked free. The Truth made him free. When you know that a draught of air has no neuralgia or rheumatism in it for you, you will not shrink and cower like a spaniel when a damp draught strikes you. "The truth shall make you free."

"But," you say, "the damp draught does give me neuralgia." No. That idea of yours about the failure of your business, or the injustice of your neighbor, or the envious thought against another, brought the neuralgia. "Oh," but you say, "my little innocent child has the neuralgia from damp air." No, it has not; it was your idea that folded it around like a magnet to draw trouble unto its little self. "Envy is the rottenness of the bones," says the Scripture.

To believe in the claims of weather, inheritance, climate, etc., is to be in bondage. There is a way of getting free from the effects of false words in good science. You take each word as it comes into your mind and mix it and mould it and rectify it by right words till you would never know it to be the word you set out with.

Each word of Truth is a setting-free principle. The Scriptures are true. See how senile decrepitude is getting the bondage over your eyesight. Do you know that instead of losing your sight as the years go on you ought to increase in sight? Can you imagine what idea made you put on glasses? It was something along the line of your human experience which you said about the "Lord having dealt very bitterly by you," or making your lot hard, or your burden heavy.

This compels you to take up that thought which, though it lies unconscious in your realm is there just the same, and needs rectifying. Say to the old past, bitter cry, "I see that God is good to me, God is good to me." Mould and mould that old-time word till it rises within you a joyous certainty that God is indeed good to you. Then your eyesight will return to you.

Suppose that your hearing is feeble. That shows that you have had many gods or idols. Some things have been very, very dear to you, or very, very powerful over you. "Hear, 0 Israel, the Lord our God is One." Take your dearest treasure or your greatest fear and say, "There is only One God- One." Soon your hearing will be restored, In this lesson Jesus Christ speaks of continuing in His Word. His Word. By this He intimates what deaf and blind often do, begin good words and drop speaking them soon. "Repetition is the mother of wisdom." If you keep speaking the right word, which is the word that fits your particular case, you will get great light on the principle involved by the word. This is explained by the speed with which a child understands the principle of the multiplication table, if he speaks it much.

There are reasons why sight and hearing must be mentioned in this connection, it seems; notice how He speaks of what He sees with His father and what they see and do with their father. Sight and hearing are entirely dependent upon our own ideas of God. Wrong ideas of God are now causing the whole human race to show out deafness and blindness as never before. Even the children are getting blind and deaf. "The earth waxeth old as a garment." Those of us who changed radically our ideas of God began to have very acute hearing and wonderful clearness of vision far superior to the eyesight and hearing of our childhood. Then there began to be quickened another visual and another auditory power besides the regular.

"Awake, 0 earth!" "Arise, shine, for thy light is come." "Awake! arise!" "Rise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light."

There are some new ideas going about the decrepit eye that everybody carries in his head; not an embryonic or crude eye, but an aged eye; aged as our other two eyes are getting to be in the race head. The true doctrine renews the strength of the aged; try the true doctrine. The true doctrine renews the vigor and vitality of those who are stepping over the lines into weakness; try the true doctrine. The new doctrine quickens that other seeing and hearing faculty within the already young and vigorous till they can see that other dimension in space which Jesus Christ saw so plainly.

There are said to be people who can untie knots which the most skillful can not loosen, because by an unexplainable faculty they can do it. They use without knowing it, the fourth dimension in space. This quickened seeing faculty enables one to sit down and scan his own universe and set it into such order as he wishes it. You know, do you not, that any tangle in your affairs is the sign of incomplete knowledge? The true knowledge would untie the knot. There is one little link, one little point which would set everything right in a moment. So lovely and practical is the teaching of Jesus Christ that you cannot possibly miss knowing exactly what to do under all circumstances if you follow His directions. Do not be too proud to sit meekly down at His feet and learn about the fourth dimension in space. Learn the quickening words of our Father which He told us. He calls the word of Truth "the Son." He urges us all to get free by the Son, or the word continually spoken. He was aware that if your hearing and sight are quickened by "the Son" or "the Word" there will be no going back. Mechanical appliances and material compounds are sure to lose their powers. So do the words of the strong human will or the mesmeric touch; but "if the Son make you free, ye are free indeed." He brings up Abraham to show that mere belief in physical descent is no healing or setting-free principle.

It must be the quickening word of "the Son" in them, just as it was in Abraham, by which they shall be free. Unless they had that they were only children of the devil, or error, and would have the senile ear and eye, and tangle in affairs forever. Abraham was quickened by trusting in God supremely as the Only Spirit. Abraham called every dream and every vision he had "a word of the Lord," till he got so he was complete master over all things. While people were wondering, halting, doubting, Abraham was trusting God.

These Jews knew nothing of such faith, and were therefore nowhere near being children of Faith. Just know that every single affair lies clearly soluble by a right word in the mind. Walk close to God with the words, "I and the Father are One. I tell you the Truth." Notice that the golden text of this lesson is the gist of it all. "As many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God." To receive Christ is to become the Christ through and through. The Christ is the Son of God. The Son of God has all power, has all knowledge. As you are well aware that you are children of God already, you know that this "becoming" simply means that you show forth your powers.

There is nothing that will pay you like the continual repetition of the words of Jesus Christ. You will soon be quickened through and through. There is the very power of God within you folded as a rosebud folds its petals and sepals and perfumes. His words will cause you to show forth your powers. What do you claim that you are? A little feeble child? Then you are drooping round with very limited powers. Do you claim to be a poor worm of the dust? Then you are prematurely old. Do you claim to be inferior in your nature to Jesus Christ? Then you are still wondering when the world will grow to love each other and do right by each other. Are you claiming that environments make you? Then you are an idolater, and subject to contagious and increasing liabilities to disease.

Why don't you spring forth the potentiality of that nature with which you were vested before the days of Abraham? In other words, why don't you say: "I and the Father are One," "All power is given unto me," "I arise from my dream of error, I know my royal descent and my universal privileges, by my noblest word let me be judged."

This will cause you to make the atonement manifest. This will manifest your unity with the Christ. Unity with the Christ is marriage with the Holy Spirit. Union with the Holy Spirit is atonement. I will speak to you about the atonement next time.

Meanwhile, quicken your powers-- resurrect them into the sight of all the world by understanding this lesson as treating of your absolute freedom and absolute power in Spirit, and your nothingness and powerlessness as materiality.

This is the judgment in its birth;
'Tis thus our Lord approaches earth,
Rise on thy noblest word,
Rest thou one with Christ the Lord.

Defy death. Defy pain. Defy weakness Quicken-- quicken into satisfactory living by true words.

September 6th, 1891


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