by Emma Curtis Hopkins


All is Mind and Mind's ideas. Every idea unfurls itself from your mind, as the pattern within a roll of cloth unrolls and exposes itself. Every thought we think first exposes itself in our own body, and then in our circumstances and environments.

The mind is a garden-bed where the thoughts spring up. We are the husband-men keeping the garden — each one our own garden. Another cannot sow a seed in our garden unless we please. And there is no hiding what thoughts we have chosen to think when the pattern of them unrolls itself and shows our body and acquaintances. If once we let an angry thought arise in the mind we may be sure that there will be a bad state of our blood, and that somebody will get very angry with us, and also that some angry acting circumstances will surround us. The pattern of our thought which we let spring up within us does not show forth, sometimes, for months or even years.

You see the first statement of this lesson is, "My Father worketh hitherto, and I work." This is the Law of mind, to think and show forth. So we think and show forth our thoughts as our Origin, Mind, does. If we once thought an unjust thought we must not be surprised if the physical affliction we suffer seems very unjust when we have tried to be so good. Then there is the man or the woman who uses us so unjustly. Then the circumstances and environments.

This lesson for today takes up our thought of self-condemnation which we once indulged in, and shows us how to speak words and think thoughts which will utterly undo the results of our self-condemnation. Jesus Christ voluntarily took upon Himself all our experiences after they have fruited in the worst possible consequences, and made it very plain for us to know exactly what to do.

Sometimes we condemn ourselves for having done exactly what we ought to have done, as if, for instance, it were against the rules of the house where we were stopping to feed beggars, but we had not only fed one, but taken her in and washed and dressed her because we saw that she was a good, worthy woman. There in Jerusalem it was against the law of the city to heal a man in public on the Sabbath as Jesus had healed the paralytic man at the pool of Bethesda.

If you will read this (John 5. 17:20) you will find out what to do and say when your motive was all right, but things have all turned out wrong because you condemned yourself, and now people are blaming you terribly. You are to let the motive be its own justification. A good motive is the power of God working in you to will and to do of its own good pleasure. Just lean hard on the motive itself and declare as Jesus Christ did, "God moveth and I must act."

The Bethesda lesson which introduces this, is quite important. A man had been paralyzed in body thirty-eight years to show that once he thought a wrong thought. Bethesda means Healing Mercy. Nobody ever had even a whole garden bed of sickening thoughts but what he vaguely or definitely thought of mercy at the same time.

Many people have put their thoughts of healing mercy together and caused an angel (which means pure thought, manifest or unmanifest) to come and stir their conscious minds to a quickening faith in actual healing. They saw their thought manifest as a lovely being stirring the pool, and into this they dipped their sick. But this man had thought a thought which had now externalized in even his environments being paralyzed. Do you see by this how it is that so many people are not cured of their diseases even by the combined healing thoughts of their acquaintances? Do you not see that it takes the presence of Jesus Christ face to face with all the power of the Jesus Christ word to heal certain kinds of troubles?

Now, no matter what the garden of your mind, where the thoughts spring up, may be full of, just know this, that you are given power to pull up and burn whatever thoughts you have thought, and if vou will close the soil of your mind tightly around one word, not allowing another single word to grow up there till the full ministry of this new word is accomplished, you will find that everything in your experience will be different.

According to this lesson the word we must speak is Jesus Christ. Every word carries its own quality of power with us and through us and by us and for us when we speak it. Notice that no other word of healing Mercy availed this man at the pool except Jesus Christ. "In Him is all the fullness of the Godhead bodily." The Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and Romans all used to heal by names. They wrought many miracles by giving all their mind to the holding of one name to the exclusion of every other name. But there was always a point where their names stopped its potency. The name always carried the idea of its ministry or the ministry of the man who bore it. As his ministry was limited and imperfect his name suggested limitation. Once, "In the beginning the Word was God," but by thinking of God as a Being sending pain and trouble a veil has come over the name to us, and since the unlimited perfect ministry of Jesus Christ we have to speak that name with our whole heart till all the perfect work which His name conveys is manifested in us. "There is none other name given under heaven whereby we can be saved." So there are certain ones among you who will never be healed, never helped out of your troubles, till you have spoken the name, Jesus Christ, with your whole mind as intent upon it as it is possible for it to be. The names David, John, Moses, anybody else but Jesus, carries a panorama of limitation, failure, sin.

The faith - cure people have wrought many miracles in the name of Jesus, but it is noticeable how afraid they are of draughts, night airs, accidents, other religious beliefs, etc. So there is not perfect ministry by them. The Christian scientists* have wrought many miracles by the name of Christ, carefully explained as Truth, but there have been divisions, strifes, intolerance among them and thus there has been something lacking. So now this lesson explains, that is the verses before the seventeenth do, that it must be by the whole name that we are to be wholly saved.

When the officers asked of Peter and John in whose name they healed the man born lame, they answered: "In the name of Jesus Christ." Do not stop to explain the word. Make haste to clear your mind of its old errors, exactly as the lesson of July twenty-sixth** declares, and proceed to hold the full word Jesus Christ till the full ministry is done in you and you have clear access to the Father. This makes you equal with Jesus Christ in the power of the Spirit, as He promised: "Where I Am there ye may be also." "Ask in my name."

Jesus Christ on this occasion, while showing us what to do when we seem to have broken some man-made law, taught us that as He troubled the old Jewish Sabbath right near the place where the angel troubled the waters, so we may put all actions prompted by high motives onto the responsibility of The Father or The Spirit which is the good motive itself and need not explain ourselves.

Only "What He seeth the Father do." The Father is Love. Only what Love bids us do can we do if we have a good motive. Good Motive is God. God is Love. "Sheweth him all things." We are shown exactly what to do under all circumstances and in all places. The son of God is the perfect motive to do good." The Son quickeneth whom He will." The perfect word in the mind will quicken those who seem dead. We shall see the whole name Jesus Christ quicken the dullest and stupidest people to thinking so harmoniously that the red blood will flow swiftly, the hard joints will limber, and the eyes will flash with light. This name spoken will teach us to raise the quickening life and beauty of our friends into plain sight.

He that believeth shall not come into condemnation." This text is the main point for self-treatment when all things point to our having made some seemingly very false moves which nobody approves. We must deny self-condemnation and the condemnation of others. "There is no condemnation." Do not forget to say, "I am not under self-condemnation. I am not under the law of condemnation." Your mind will clear itself, and you can speak the word "Jesus Christ" unto swift power.

"The resurrection of life and the resurrection of damnation," said Jesus. He meant that you would see the life of the True Word demonstrated and the death or disappearance of the false word. The idea of condemnation of good motives for any actions, the idea of persecution for the Jesus Christ healing, will be demonstrated as pure nothingness.

"My judgment is just." Why is the Jesus Christ judgment just? Because no earthly ambition is consulted. The Jesus Christ word makes you no time-server. You are on the side of Omnipotence when you are in the right. Lean hard on the right and say, as Jesus did: "All power is given unto Me because My judgment is just." When Abraham Lincoln was asked if he was sure God was on His side, he answered: "I am not so much concerned to know whether God is on my side as whether I am on God's side."

"Be strong, and of a good courage; fear not nor be afraid of them; for the Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee."

*The term "Christian Science" as used in these lessons stands for the scientific teaching of Jesus Christ as understood by Emma Curtis Hopkins.
**Bible lesson No. 2 - Jesus Christ in Nicodemus.

August 9th, 1891


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