by Emma Curtis Hopkins


The reason for keeping the Bible records, is because they describe the religious experiences of every mind under each class of circumstance recorded. Every mind has its religious aspiration, which is its perfume, as every flower has its perfume.

Political history teaches ethics, fixing the mind on the results of injustice, justice, oppression, liberty, as carried on by civil authorities.

Material history teaches what can be done with materiality. The silver cup lost by a workman in a jar of acid, precipitated by Faraday, re-made by the silversmith, satisfies us that we need not be utterly bereft of silver cups, though they seem utterly gone. The Bible records use no meaningless or unnecessary terms. Jesus Christ means Word of Truth, or Child of God. The religious aspirations of each mind is its Jesus Christ idea- its Word of absolute truth. The mind is a kingdom or realm of thoughts. The most powerful, the oldest, the noblest, is its highest Word of Truth, or Jesus Christ. "Come and reign over us, Ancient of Days."

Thus the walk of Jesus Christ through this realm of carnal or earthly experiences is at each step of His going a living teaching of what to do under all the kinds of experiences we each have, in order to show forth Jesus Christ, or "Let the same Mind be in us that was in Christ Jesus."

Here is the lesson of what to do when we have been trying to be good and true for a long period, and as nothing seems to come out of it we are tired and discouraged.

We have been told positively by the spiritually-minded of every age that,

"If we will strive to be good and true.
To each of us there will come an hour,
When the tree of life will burst into flower,
And rain at our feet a glorious shower
Of something grander than ever we knew."

But though we have striven faithfully we are the most burdened and unfortunate of anybody we know.

Jesus Christ took up all our experiences on purpose, and in the midst of every one of them He spoke those Words which we must speak under like circumstances. Here He took up the weariness and discouragement of our good motive when it sees no fruits in prosperity. He "sat thus on the well."

Do you remember the lesson He gave of what to say when you have had nothing to eat for a long time from any cause whatever? Do you remember what Words He told us to speak when physical anguish and the desertion of friends have broken our hearts?

Well, in the same fashion He tells us what to do when exhausted, discouraged, disheartened with the struggle to succeed. He sat thus on the well in Samaria. Samaria means watch post, or posted notice. Perhaps there is nothing that will mark itself on your face or give your whole character away to your acquaintances like what you choose to do when a turning point or crisis of thinking is reached by your mind.

There comes a time when the young man who has thought worldly thoughts steadily, suddenly carries on his face the sure sign that he is a man of the world.

There comes a time when the blooming matron is called an old lady. This point just reached is Samaria. If the man or the woman can realize just the instant of weariness of the whole way of thinking and living and sit deliberately down and make the right resolve, a noble look will steal over the face of the young man and a new beauty will illumine the woman's face.

Once a woman caught the gleam of this rest on the wall of Samaria all in a flash and that which we are now carefully repeating was told to her from on high. So she sent out this word to all who would hear it: When you are disheartened and heartsore with the journey of your best efforts through this strange world, sit down and rest for the prayers you have prayed and the true Words you have said to be unto you a well of Living Water whose best draught you are about to drink, as Jesus announced the most refreshing doctrine He had ever put forth from the well of Samaria upon which He rested. When you have done the best you could, seemingly all to no purpose, put on your best clothes and sit down to wait for the heavenly guest who is to pass over your threshold that day.

This is the time when you are to "Rest in the Lord and He shall bring it to pass." So a poor, tired, little mother with her hungry children clinging to her knees, deserted of her husband, friends insisting that if she had done differently things would have been different, while she was doing her very best, obeyed this message and rested to wait for the heavenly Good that must come to her that day. And the Good came. This is a working principle to go by. In the science of mind or metaphysics as taught by Jesus Christ we are taught all those Words of Truth which are Everlasting Arms underneath, or the well of Living Water upon which we may rely for each part of our journey.

For instance, suppose that you have been told that God, the Divine Principle of Goodness, is your sure Health, and, according to the law of prayer, or affirmation of Truth, you have daily and hourly spoken the words, "God is Health: no sickness or disease can get any hold on this Health, which is God." Yet sickness and disease do seem to have a hold upon your health, and you are disheartened, do not force yourself to speak the words then. Rest, wait. The True Health Thought is bending over you. Soon it will descend. This is the moment of fruition.

Far in the Oriental past they taught that the flower of Truth blooms in the Silence after the storm and stress of effort.

This is the time when, if you speak or work or struggle, you must start the work over again.

An innocent man condemned to be hanged says faithfully: "I am innocent. I trust in my innocence to defend me. Innocence is a wall of defense. Innocence is God. You cannot hang me, I defy you." Yet he stands on the scaffold. There he stops for pure weariness the long night watches spent in this prayer of innocence. They cannot hang him. The words of Truth are sure. He does not look to the people to defend him. People always fail us. He does not look to the law books to show his cause just, for the law books are double-minded, but he trusts Omnipotent Principle.

So if the event has hung long and heavily over your home and you have faithfully declared God would loose the clutch of the trouble, you must cease from prayer at Samaria and "Trust in the Lord, for He shall bring it to pass." The Lord is the Law of the Good made manifest.

The fact that Jesus spoke to the woman of low origin in Samaria; the low, shows that the most trivial circumstance of daily transaction is to be dealt with exactly as the most momentous.

If in making a garment, it does not come out right after your hardest efforts, rest, wait. Now you will do it perfectly. When looking for a situation, if you become tired or disheartened, rest, wait, no matter what the contingencies may be. Weary discouragement is the "Hail to Thee" of Samaria reached. Here is an offer better than you imagined. "I that speak unto thee am He."

You who have been battling for your life with noble words such as the Science teaches concerning the impossibility of the clutch of death upon the life that is yours omnipotent, give up at Samaria and see how quickly the Living water will now spring up within you.

As Jesus Christ walked among the lowly so let this Principle guide you through every vicissitude, great or small.

"Christ dwelleth not afar The king of some remoter star, But here among the poor and blind, The bound and suffering of our kind".

The woman pointed to the mountain Gerizim in plain sight, where the very same lesson was taught by Abraham's giving up the tension as to his offering all that he had to the Lord, trusting utterly.

All the ages have had their ministers of this Law of Life, that there is a sure Helper near every man, woman, and child, who will bring everything to pass for us when we give up the expectation of getting help from any other source.

"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, Which made heaven and earth." Give up the tension. The eagle ceases from flapping his wings, and yet on and up it soars with folded pinions, resting in the Law.

The mountain unto which we look is the memory of the highest thought we have ever thought, or the highest Word that now comes into our mind. Jesus Christ said that this was the worship in Truth and in Spirit.

Whatever is true of Spirit is true. In Spirit all is good. Thus when we speak of evil we are not speaking Truth, for only that which is true of Spirit is true at all. This is the only worship of God that is acceptable. "I am God and there is none beside." God is Spirit. Thou art my all. There is no higher Truth we can speak than, THOU art my all.

Whoever rests securest in this statement is manifesting Jesus Christ most. To him we go for help as we go to a spring for water instead of going to a sand bank.

The quality of your faith makes the quality of your ministry. If you believe in God as your support do not stop short of the highest faith of Jesus Christ, who made the fish precipitate the gold within his being to pay the civil tax with. Faith is the alembic wherein the right Word is crystalhzed that makes you master over every situation. Neither in this place nor that place, neither for one alone but for all.

If you trust in the goodness of the Divine Law working for you and believe that all things are made ready for you, you cannot but be a well of trust, a mountain of good faith to which the doubting and hungry come and dip in their cups for your ministry.

Stand boldly by your faith. "I that speak unto thee am He." The-saving-from-poverty thought is the confidence in God as your only supply. There have been people who prayed till they arose from praying and found money on the table or in their purse to help them with. Then they were ashamed to hold on to the words of acknowledgment that God had indeed shown forth through them exactly as in Jesus Christ.

Did He not say, "Where I Am, there ye may be also?" Why should we not be in the Spirit of Truth enough to believe that "All things are possible with God?"

How many who read that wonderful little blue magazine were ready to believe that the Spirit had helped those people as recorded in it?

Why even those who realized the manifesting power of the Word of faith were hiding the copy which told of miraculous answers to prayers.

If one believes in the bounty of God, keep close to him for you may dip your empty cup into his full waters of supply and by a metaphysical process catch the Prosperous Mind. If one believes in God as his unfailing Health, keep close to him for that metaphysical process which is like the outer air cleansing the air of a room when the window is opened, so may you catch Health from his Spirit of Health.

Good, all Good is yours by divine right. How well your deep heart knows this. It is your Jesus Christ thought. Hold fast to it. "I Am He- thy Savior from poverty, misfortune, pain, trouble- I Am Messiah." Come boldly up to that high thought in your mind. Trust it.

Your highest thought is that one which if it reign over you, will make you glad, strong, vigorous, healthy, prosperous. It is your Savior-Messiah. Not to come, but here already. Look for help from this Truth.

August 2nd, 1891


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