Batch Upload Images In gpEasy

Update for gpEasy 2.x. Batch upload is built into gpEasy 2.x now.

Therefore this tutorial is not necessary if you are using gpEasy 2.0 or higher.

Uploading files, images, etc directly into your /data/_uploaded/ folder is not advised. Any time you bypass the gpEasy uploaded files manager you are bypassing the thumbnail creation as well; therefore, if you upload images directly into gpEasy CMS you will notice that when viewing those images via gpEasy's file browser you will have broken thumbnail images.

Is there a work around for this? There are two ways to work around this.

Manually create thumbnails

Thumbnails created by gpEasy are 100x100 px with the same name as the original file name with .jpg appended. Therefore an original image named 'myimage.png' will have a thumbnail named 'myimage.png.jpg' and an image named 'myimage.jpg' will have a thumbnail named 'myimage.jpg.jpg'

Thumbnail images are in the folder /data/_uploaded/image/thumbnails/image/

Thumbnails  will be created in a folder of the same name that you place your images in thus, if you create a folder named 'websiteimages' and place your normal images in that folder then you will find a similarly named folder within the /data/_uploaded/image/thumbnails/image/ folder.

The best practice is to group your images into folders. That way you can simply add a new folder (the identical name of the images folder) to the above location that has the thumbnails in it.


  1. Create a folder named "newpics" in the /data/_uploaded/image/  folder
  2. Upload your new images directly to this new folder by whatever means you desire.
  3. Now create thumbnails of those images you uploaded (100x100px jpg images) with .jpg appended to the full file name and place them into a folder with the same name as the folder you uploaded your imaged to. In this case it would be "newpics"
  4. Upload the thumbnail folder "newpics" that contain the thumbnail images to \data\_uploaded\image\thumbnails\image\
  5. Now when you browse the newly uploaded images in gpEasy you will have visible thumbnails for images in the "newpics" folder.

Use local installation

An easier way is to use a localhost install of gpEasy and upload your images via the file manager and allow gpEasy to create the thumbnails and thumbnail folders. Then directly upload the images and/or folders to your server along with the thumbnails and/or thumbnail folders. While this is not a "batch" upload it can save time. You can also combine the previous manual creation of thumbnails with the local installation of gpEasy. Just another reason to have a local install of gpEasy.

Personally I use this latter method. Even with 60+ images at a time it's not that big of a deal to upload them when using a local installation. The downer for doing a lot of images is when you are working on your server. Then things can get a little slow.

Nonetheless, if you bypass gpEasy's automatic thumbnail generation you will need to manually create thumbnails. Just remember that.

What about other files? Files that do not require thumbnails to be created can be directly uploaded to their appropriate folder on your server (\data\_uploaded\file\)..

That's it, head on back to the gpEasy tutorials for more info about gpEasy CMS.


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