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Site Structure

There are currently five main sections to this site.

The first is the True Acupuncture area. The goal there is to relate information about George SouliƩ de Morant's teachings about Chinese acupuncture and other related health care topics.

gpEasy CMS is concerned with tutorials, tips, tricks, and hacks to help new users with gpEasy CMS.

The e-books section will contain free ebooks ranging on topics but mostly "New Though" self help type books. If you have an e-book that is not under copyright and would like to add it just contact us.

Finally, there is a section dedicated to the work of Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby. Dr. Quimby was a healer in the mid 1800's. His path to understanding health and happiness was a very unique one and exposes how beliefs affect us in every way. He's considered the father of "New Thought Theory."


Site Navigation

The menus for all areas of the trueacu.com web site generally expand one level at a time. Therefore, you will only see the "children pages" of the parent page you are currently on.


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Please NO questions about True Acupuncture at this time. Your best resource for True Acupuncture is Morant's book. Emails about acupuncture will not be responded to at this time, sorry. Information we have to share on this subject is published on the site, nor do we know of other practitioners following Morant's teaching.

We welcome feedback on the site and how we can make it better. If you found a mistake on a page please let us know which page it is and paste an excerpt of the mistake, this is especially true for the gpEasy tutorials. We want the information to be useful and easy to follow!

Thank you. . .

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