A Thank You To Dr. Quimby

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (Park) has had a very large impact on my life. Through his writings I have discovered lands that I knew not and possibly would never have discovered. I owe more to "Park" than one could imagine owing to a long lost author. Someone who was born over 150 years before my own birth. His death approximately one month from my birthday one hundred years earlier. It is strange to think how a person can touch another through time. I do not mean to imply that Phineas Quimby caused any change in me rather, I mean to suggest that through his wisdom my own wisdom stirred and awakened me to knew understandings.

This is always the way. No person can teach another, there is nothing to teach. We cannot make another understand anything, all is already understood. We can simply touch their wisdom with our own, and in so doing we allow them to see the errors of their beliefs thus, awakening them to a new life, a new way of being, a new way of seeing the world and being in it.

Dr. Quimby was a watchmaker by trade however, in his thirties he contracted tuberculosis. There wasn't much of a treatment for TB in those days. His health quickly declined until he followed the advice of a friend whom told him to go horse riding. This friend cured himself by riding his horse and suggested this to Phineas. Dr. Quimby didn't have the strength to ride so he took his carriage. Upon coming to the bottom of a hill his horse refused to continue. Phineas had to walk the horse up the hill, nearly exhausted at the top he climbed back onto the carriage when the horse suddenly bolted. Dr. Quimby found himself holding on for dear life until the horse came to a stop at which, he found himself filled with life and exhilarated. He couldn't believe that he went from being so ill to feeling so good, something isn't right here, he thought.

From that moment on Quimby set out on a path to understand health and disease. On this path he journeyed through many a strange land. He investigated many health care modalities of his time and spent many years researching hypnosis (mesmerism). Through is studies and research in hypnosis he discovered many truths of the mind, much of which Western Medicine still ignores or is ignorant of.

Quimby's journey ultimately led him to Wisdom. He understood the true nature of humanity, the cause of disease and how to correct it. He spent years healing and teaching others this wisdom. From his teaching and healing many fields sprang forth though some refused to acknowledge their origins in Quimby.

Dr. Quimby gave lucid understanding of the placebo effect over 100 years before Western Medicine began double blind studies. He demonstrated time and time again how our beliefs affect our lives and how the mind can be changed and in so doing changes the body however, he was always clear on the separation of Wisdom from the mind-body complex. The mind and body for Quimby are matter and Wisdom (consciousness) is the source of all that is. Wisdom never changes while all mater changes constantly and receives all power from Wisdom. It is through understanding this interaction that the secret to Quimby's Science of Happiness is found.

I suggest all students of health and happiness study his works.

C. S. 2008

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