A Short Chapter On Disease


September 1862


by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


What is disease? It is the punishment of our acts or belief. Can it ever be blotted out of the mind of man? I answer, When man acknowledges that happiness is the greatest aim of the human soul, and everything that goes to mar our happiness is wrong or evil.

When man learns that his misery is in his belief and his happiness is in his wisdom, then he will cease from doing evil and believing in what he has no proof of and learn to do well or act rightly

Man must understand that mind is matter, that thought, reason and argument are all the same and are all a belief, and that the reality of them is that it is true that we all do believe it. But wisdom is not in any of the above.

A man, body and mind is like the earth and the skies. The earth could not bring forth anything without air; so when the air is affected, the earth is likewise affected. So the body of itself is like the earth. Every sensation in the body is first made in the mind and this is thought, which is of the earth or body called mind. And all disease of the earth originated in the mind or clouds.

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